Deep Paint 3D

This is a standalone 3D painting system that works as a 2D texture map painter and a 3D geometry texture paint program. It directly interfaces with Adobe Photoshop through an import/export plugin to share textures and 3D object materials. This program is enhanced with the use of a Wacom graphics tablet. This demo of Deep Paint 3D has a 60 day evaluation period.

Notice! Deep Paint 3D requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or better installed in your system. If you encounter a problem with "HHCTRL.OCX" during Deep Paint 3D startup, please check the above requirements. It is also highly recommended that you have Windows 95 Rev B or Windows 98. Also be sure to install it on the correct Photoshop directory or the DP3D and Photoshop sharing will not work.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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