Exposure Empire Lightroom Presets Bundle Review

Exposure Empire Lightroom Presets Bundle

A Lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position all (or some) of the sliders in Lightroom (they are pre-set, get it?) In other words, you can edit a photo to your liking, and then save that exact combination of slider positions for future use on another image. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be altered to have a film look or to achieve the tones you desired. The beauty of presets is the consistency, time-management, and simplicity they bring to your editing sessions.

The best place you can get Lightroom preset packs at great prices is Exposure Empire. If you love saving time, getting amazing results with your photos and saving money, Exposure empire lightroom preset bundles are just what you are looking for.


  1. Fade Lightroom presets

Color is an important element of photography. Sometimes you want bold, vibrant colors, and other times you may want to fade or dull the colors. This set of 20 Lightroom presets makes it easy for you to get awesome faded effects with your photos. The faded look works great with many photos, and with this pack, you’ll get a big collection of presets that gives you plenty of variety.

  1. Hdr Lightroom presets

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography traditionally involves merging multiple photos together to get a better range of colors from shadows to highlights. The approach is often needed when a scene’s shadows are too dark or highlights are too light for the camera’s sensor to capture the full dynamic range. By merging multiple images together you can avoid blowing out the highlights or the shadows.

This set of 20 Lightroom presets makes it easy to get HDR-like effects with any photo. You won’t need to have multiple bracketed exposures, and it will actually speed up your post-processing instead of slowing it down.

  1. Matte and film Lightroom presets

With the help of this pack of 30 Lightroom presets you can easily and instantly give your photos a nice matte or film look. Most of the effects are somewhat subtle (although some are stronger), but they can add a really nice touch to your photos. One of the best things about these presets is that they tend to work well with a wide variety of photos, from landscapes to portraits. The preset resemble film effects but do not emulate specific films.

  1. Pastel Lightroom presets

With this set of 20 Lightroom presets you will be able to give your photos beautiful soft color pastel effects. The pack includes presets for a variety of different colors. They work well with many types of photos, but we think you will especially like them with outdoor photos. The only thing you’ll like more than the effects is how fast you can create them. The soft colors work great with photos taken in natural light, including portraits.

  1. Haze Lightroom presets

With the help of the 24 Lightroom presets in this pack you can give your photos beautiful haze effects. These presets are ideal for outdoor photos, including landscapes and nature, as well as natural light portraits. There are a wide variety of effects included, so you’re sure to find something that works great with your photos.

  1. Split toning Lightroom presets

Split toning applies different colors or tones to the shadows and highlights of a photo. With some creativity, you can get some really great effects by using split toning. This pack includes 25 Lightroom presets that will do the hard work for you. There are 14 different color effects and 11 that apply split toning after a black & white conversion.

  1. Black and white Lightroom presets

Black & white photos can be very powerful and engaging. But creating amazing black & whites requires more than simply converting a color photo to black & white or removing all of the color saturation. Great black & whites can be made in Lightroom, but you need to take advantage of the right settings. This set 43 Lightroom presets will make it easy for you to create powerful black & whites that you can be proud of. You’ll get a wide variety of different effects that you can apply. Whether you are working with landscapes, street photos, portraits, or any other type of photos, this collection of presets will become one of your favorites.

  1. Golden hour Lightroom presets

The short window of time after sunrise and before sunset is known as the golden hour, and it is one of the best opportunities for photography. The beautiful golden light gives your photos a nice glow. This set of 20 Lightroom presets is perfect for enhancing photos taken during the golden hour, or for giving other photos the look of the golden hour. Start with a photo taken in mid-day light, apply a preset, and you’ll get a golden hour look!

There is many more lightroom presets packs you can get at a huge discount at Exposure Empire.

Exposure Empire Lightroom Presets Bundle
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