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Halloween photo techniques!

By Dave Seeram

Photoshop the perfect Jack-o-Lantern! By Jennifer Farley

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_PhotographyBB Online Magazine Issue Twenty-One: Halloween!

Welcome to our 21st edition of the PhotographyBB Online Magazine. It's October, and that means two things; Beautiful colours outside for us to photograph, and... that's right folks - Halloween! This year, we're doing some fun things for Halloween, like showing you how to photograph your little monsters as "Ghosts!" Also, we're running a digital pumpkin carving challenge in the forums, along with a tutorial from Jennifer Farley who'll show you how to Photoshop-carve your digital pumpkin.

We have a special look at an exciting new product launching from Adobe this month too. John Ogden gives us a preview of the Lightroom 3 Beta release! Adobe has added some really cool stuff to this new release, so check out the article and download the beta from the included link.

In Portraiture 101, we'll have a look at using outdoor lighting as your main light source, as well as supplementing with a flash unit (or even your pop-up flash). Continuing the HDR photography series is Gareth Glynn Ash, back with part 2 of touching up a photo using a single image HDR technique using Photomatix and Photoshop.

Have you been thinking of submitting your photos into any photography contests? If so, you'll want to check out Jason Anderson's article this month on the "Perils and Pitfalls of Photo Contests" to arm yourself with the knowledge you'll need before submitting your work to a contest.

If you recall in our July issue, David Martin took us on an incredible photographic journey to Australia. This month, David whisks us off to Ireland, for a beautiful look at Ireland's scenic countrysides and historic background.

Colin Bell answers your questions in our FAQ series, with a look at hyperfocal distances, lens hoods, and what to look for when selecting a new digital camera, be it a point and shoot or DSLR.

Is digital art as much of an art as traditional art? For those of you who love to use your digital photographs and post-process them into artistic masterpieces, Jon Ayres gives us a look at some of his recommendations for the best digital art conversion software on the market, along with some book suggestions on the subject.

Usually when we shoot an image, it's best to keep that horizon level, but sometimes it also works well to intentionally tilt your camera to the famous "Dutch Angle." Ken Fagan talks about "odd angles" and cropping in this month's "Confessions" editorial series.

I'd like to encourage everyone to take a peek at this month's assignment selections. We had some amazing photo submissions; even those which didn't make the issue. Thank you again to all of our writers for your hard work on each and every issue, and to our readers for your support. Enjoy the issue, try out the techniques, and everyone have a fun, photographic, and safe Halloween!

Dave Seeram Editor and Publisher

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