July 6th- 15th 2007

Dive Fest is an annual event, now in its 14th year, organised by the Dominica Watersports Association (DWA) to focus attention the sport of diving, to educate the public about scuba diving as a tourism product and possible career path, and to raise awareness about Dominica's stunning and unique marine environment.

Along with our major sponsor, Cable and Wireless, who provide great prizes and support for the event, this year Dive Training Magazine, Oceanic and Sealife will be adding to the weeks festivities.

Oceanic will be introducing their newest "Datamask" heads up display where you can read your dive profile right in the mask, including your air pressure! The masks will be available for anyone to try.

Sealife cameras will bring their new cameras down and divers will have the chance to test them out and to take part in photo shoots and a "Best of week" competition.

Dive Training will be sending down two photographers Barry and Ruth Guimbellot who will be putting on seminars and workshops on both underwater and waterfall photography!

Along with these events for divers, there is also excitement for non divers too! Wine and Cheese Sunset Cruises, Happy Hour dances, Traditional Boat Races and whale watching to name a few.

The Dominica Watersports Association will be putting together great packages for the summer that will make Dive Fest a great time to visit Dominica. Great diving, discounted packages, the newest hi tech cameras and equipment to try, photography seminars and workshops and some great prizes! Including cases of Kubuli (our international prize winning beer), to phones from Cable and Wireless, along with other great prizes from Oceanic and Sealife.

'Muck, Macro & Wall1

with Tony White

North Sulawesi is where the world's top underwater photographers regularly go to capture the kaleidoscope of colours and weird and wonderful creatures on both film and digital photography

Tony White, acclaimed underwater photographer journalist, will be sharing his vast experience at a Photo Workshop with Eco Divers in North Sulawesi from 21 September to 6 October, where guests can learn and improve their shots and techniques.

"The courses are aimed at all levels as we can all learn from each other. The emphasis is on flexibility and encouragement whilst capturing great shots of the stunning underwater vistas of Bunaken's 'wall and wreck diving delights' and Lembeh's 'magical macro muck diving'," says Tony.

The diving is at a comfortable 10-15m and the sites are within an easy boat ride from both of Eco Divers' dive centres at Tasik Ria Resort for Bunaken National Park and Kungkungan Bay Resort for Lembeh Straits.

Each day consists of two dives with the chance for night dives as required and Tony will be offering advice on all photo mediums, including E6 processing for those using film.

This is a great opportunity to dive one or both resorts and experience two very different worlds of diving in Bunaken and the Lembeh Strait with the expertise of a fabulous photographer.

www. eco-divers. com

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