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Island Sun Splash f07

June 10-16 2007

Warm water and warm hearts are to welcome water-lovers at Island Sun Splash '07, slated for Sunday, June 10, through Saturday, June 16.

Organized by the Upper Keys Association of Dive and Snorkel Operators, the event includes activities for everyone from experienced diving experts to families visiting North America's only living coral barrier reef for the first time.

Underwater photography and video seminars are to be accompanied by photo and video contests, with separate divisions for kids and adults. World-renowned underwater photographers Tom and Therisa Stack and Emmy-winning videographer Frazier Nivens are to present "how to" seminars and direct the contests.

The Reef Environmental Education Foundation is to conduct its popular fish ID classes so no introductions will be necessary when snorkelers and divers come nose to snout with the local underwater inhabitants.

For extremely experienced divers, seminars are to focus on deep technical diving. One of the week's anticipated highlights is a trip to the new Florida Keys History of Diving Museum, which houses an unparalleled collection of historic dive gear. The museum features a special collection dedicated to Art McKee, a treasure diver from Islamorada regarded as the "father of recreational diving."

Drs. Joe and Sally Bauer, founders of the museum, are to offer seminars on the history of diving and show how recreational diving actually got its start in the waters off Islamorada.

Modern treasure hunter Carl Fismer is to conduct two seminars on the 1733 Spanish Fleet that was forced onto Keys reefs by a powerful hurricane. Fismer plans to lead tours to local wreck sites after each session.


1 in Li'VbJliT IMii-H<^i-i|ilby H^tjdilirjn

Komixlo. IndontNa nt/v Vij'jigvr

Socorro with Cheng and Mustard

Feb 2nd-10th 2008

Komodo Underwater

Photography Expedition with Mauricio Handler October 5-16, 2008

This unique ten day photography expedition will include The Komodo National Marine Park which was officially declared a World Heritage Site in 1991.

I will be offering technical and creative support as well as photography guidance on equipment trouble shooting and maintenance, image composition, multiple light sources, macro, extreme macro photography and much more.

In addition I will give several presentations on "shooting a story" as well as "managing your digital image library".

For those that want to go even further, I will be reviewing images daily in personal one on one critiques and guidance.

Join photographers Eric Cheng and Dr. Alexander Mustard on an expedition aboard the M/V Solmar V to the Revillagigedos Islands (also known as the Socorro Islands), 250 miles south of the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico.

Manta rays are there to be cleaned by clarion angelfish, and are what the islands are best known for.

Our trip dates in early February also present us with the highest chance for encounters with humpback whales. In years past, the Solmar V has had excellent encounters with a mother and calf pair. Note that while humpbacks will most likely be in the area, encounters (as with all wildlife encounters) are not guaranteed!

http://wetpixel.eom/i.php/ socorro


underwater * , competition com

Under the Blue 2007

Over $20,000 in Prizes!

Next in the series of UnderwaterCompetition.com underwater imagery events, and on the heels of the popular Our World Underwater & DEEP Indonesia competitions, Wetpixel, DivePhotoGuide and the 2007 SCUBA Show are proud to bring you "UNDER THE BLUE 2007".

Photographers will compete in four still image categories, including a category for images that focus on California's unique and beautiful underwater environment, and one video category. Winners will share in more than $20,000 in prizes, including premium dive travel, underwater photography and diving equipment! Travel prizes include trips to some of the top photo destinations in the world including Fiji, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Australia.


OWUSS Australia

Eilat Shoot-out competition

SanDisk Red Sea November 12th - 17th 2007

The SanDisk Red Sea 2007 - World of Underwater images is sponsored by the international SanDisk corporation; "YAM", the Israeli diving magazine; Isrotel hotel chain .The Israeli Ministry of Tourism encourages the competition and assistance is kindly provided by Manta Diving Club in Eilat

The motivating spirit behind the competition is David Pilosof (Pilo), a veteran underwater photographer and creator of the renowned photo album, "Samantha". Pilo has participated in many underwater photography competitions himself, and shaped the genre of underwater fashion and nude photography.

"I took part in many photography competitions, and it was very nice to win a few trophies and medals", says Pilosof. "But I always felt that something was missing - some sort of financial reward, a prize that could help and encourage photographers to continue joining those competitions and adventures. SanDisk, the

international flashcard manufacturer, rose to the challenge, and allows us to offer you, the participating underwater photographers, the chance to win that cash prize. I am proud to invite you all to Eilat, to take part in the competition and perhaps win the jackpot.

Remember: we'll meet on November 17, 2007 20:30 at Isrotel's Ambassador Hotel lawn, and one of you will go back home with a check in the amount of $10,000."

Online competition:

An online contest between all former winners (of months MarchAugust) will begin in September. Surfers and judges will choose one of the winners as the best photographer, who'll be invited to join our SanDisk Red Sea 2007 Competition in Eilat, Israel.

The prize include:flights, HalfBoard based accommodations and diving during the competition in Eilat.


Jim Corry, OWUS Presidentfrom USA, Mathew Kertesz and Richard de Leyser, Rolex Australia

For the past 32 years the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) has offered scholarships in the USA and more recently Europe. In April 2006 the Our World - Underwater Scholarship Society with the support of Rolex, expanded its outreach to offer an Australasian Scholarship.

For Australasia's first year there was an impressive list of entries. It was a difficult choice getting to the two finalists, for which a panel interview was run to decide the winner.

After a tough decision the first Australasian scholarship was awarded unanimously to Mathew Kertesz.


MM? | TECH TALK | TnSTlWfi'JIAl s | UV AfiMIIMT | fiftHTAilt lJrt

Patented Utidervialer Cului CunvLtiuri fill viewcagT


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r>hrunry 71rd, 7flil7

r>hrunry 71rd, 7flil7

th c c n divi f jf un dc m ate r phol SQra phy en Ihu a Id gts

In this issue of UUI'HU's I cch I oik News Letter, we'd like to coYcr i different topics Including achieving better iolorc Dn your Images by Improving the performance of tfie filbcrij focil-ta'ing carinmunitotions, and expediting URPRO filter orders.

Tsch-Taik Topics:

► Determining the Correct UftPRQ Filter Sire

* Location/Position of URPRO Filters ill Voui Camcia/Housing

* unrno Filter clioiecs r URPRQ Color Correction Comments

* New URPFIO Easy Order Fan Form

Click on the link below to go to the Tech-Talk Newsletter


New Products

ReefMaster Mini SL320

ECOshot SL321

ReefMaster Mini SL320 rear

ReefMaster Mini SL320

New Products

New SeaLife Cameras

ECOshot SL321

Cameras Underwater, the UK and Ireland's leading supplier of underwater photographic equipment, are please to announce the release of two new, long awaited cameras; the ReefMaster Mini and the ECOshot.

These new models compliment the existing range perfectly. The ReefMaster Mini is a rugged 6 mp digital camera designed with adventure in mind.

With a coating of rubber armour the ReefMaster will withstand being dropped from up to 2 meters. It is also waterproof down to 40m-enough for most divers. It has a large 2" LCD screen for easy shot composition and review, it also features fast start up and shutter response-so no more missed shots. The ReefMaster will

ReefMaster Mini SL320 rear accept SeaLife's new add-on wide angle lens enabling the user to get closer to the subject giving clearer shots and fitting more into the picture.

The ECOshot boasts the same specification as the ReefMaster Mini except it is waterproofed to 23m. This camera is ideally suited to yachting, surfing, snorkelling or any other camera-hazardous environment.

The ReefMaster Mini costs £199.99 inc. VAT and the ECOshot is £174.99 inc. VAT.


Ike lite Sony HDR HC-5

The Sony HDR HC-5 and housing are compact and easy to travel with. A complete housing and camera combination weighs approximately 4kg (9 pounds). Housing has a working depth of 60 meters (200 feet).

The housing with base and handles measures 27cm (11") width; 20cm (8") height; 20cm (8") length. Sony NP-FH50, FH60, FH70 and FH100 batteries are accommodated.

The housing port is threaded allowing the use of optional 67mm threaded wide-angle conversion lens available from Inon, Epoque, or the #6420 Ikelite lens.

The Base removes instantly with a unique toggle clamp for traveling or attaching of the optional Pro Video-Lite 3 battery pack. The handle assembly detaches from the housing housing by removal of just two nuts for packing.

The camera's LCD monitor can be viewed from the rear of the housing, using the External Mirror featured on the side of the housing.

This housing includes (IRC) Image Reversing Circuitry. The circuit reverses (flips) the image and text on the LCD screen so that when the image is reflected in the External Mirror, it appears correct left-to-right.

Included UR/Pro Color Filter provides color correction in tropical blue water. An optional filter #6441.81 is also available to achieve more natural tones in green water settings.

Ikelite iTTL Adapter for Nikon digital SLR cameras

N ikonos or I ksiite connaclor öl housing

Ikfelila tu khaad For atfachmenl of t^g e or dual sync iord

N ikonos or I ksiite connaclor öl housing

Ikfelila tu khaad For atfachmenl of t^g e or dual sync iord

Ikelite's proven Nikon iTTL conversion circuitry is now available in a detachable adapter.

Take advantage of true Nikon TTL exposure to get perfect results every time. They use the same iTTL conversion circuitry proven effective in Ikelite housings for Nikon dSLR cameras and are compatible with many brands of underwater camera housings.

Technical Lighting Control"

Aquatech raincapes

How low can you go

Wherever you are, whatever the weather and whatever you're doing, we have the perfect solution for every situation. It's time to get wet.

Aquatech raincapes

Olympus mju 725 waterproof camera

Ewa-Marine flexible housings

Canon compact camera housings

Canon compact camera housings

Ikelite video housings

Aquatica SLR housings


Specialist equipment for scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, skiing, water sports, hiking and all wet and demanding conditions cameras


www.camerasunderwater.co.uk Head Office and Mail Order: 01404-812277 London Showroom: 020-7839 1991 sales®camerasunderwater.co.uk

Your online resource to more then

2.700 underwater imaging products - photo & video 5.200 enthusiastic underwater photographers 600 news, articles, reviews and travel reports 5.000 images in our weekly photo contest

...growing every montht


Heinrichs Weikamp Mark II TTL housing

Heinrichs Weikamp will shortly have a housing for their Mark II TTL converters available.

Two strobes can be connected to it and it offers TTL with -3EV to +3EV correction, manual mode with 8 power steps and manual mode with selectable ratio between left and right strobe such as 1/3:2/3, 1/4:3/4 and 1/6:5/6. All these settings can be adjusted during the dive with control knobs. A display will also be integrated in the housing.

The housing can be used for all

our Mk. II converters. Hence Canon ETTL, Nikon iTTL, Olympus TTL as well as Sony-alpha and will be shipped with one of the converters installed.


The HeinrichsWeikamp Ligital Adapter.


Use your ex si ng analog strobe with your new d g^al camera!

The HeinrichsWeikamp Ligital Adapter.

Aquatica with Ikelite TTL adaptors

Aquatica is pleased to announce that coming soon, its housings will be available with Ikelite's time proven strobe connector. An agreement with Ikelite, the world renowned maker of fine underwater strobes, will now allow users of Aquatica housings to benefit from this rugged strobe connector and have access to the new Ikelite TTL adapter. The bulkhead and its hot shoe attachment are original parts supplied to us from the Indianapolis based manufacturer and are factory installed and tested by Aquatica.


Patima Nikon D80 housing

Amphibico HD monitor

The Patima PDCH-D80 housing is machined from a solid block of aluminium and has a 100mm screw thread port fitting.

There is a 60mm flat and 160mm dome ports available as well as a 40mm extension ring. There is a choice of Patima sync sockets or Nikonos type.

The housing is rated to 120 metres with an operational depth of 80 metres. Without the handles it measures 189 x 171 x 144 and a complete macro set up weighs just under 4kg on land and is virtuall neutral underwater.


The Amphibico ACHDM043 16:9 HD 4.2" Color LCD monitor will be available in May; this HD monitor will highly compliment Phenom and EVO Pro users. It will facilitate fine focusing for macro shooting which is unforgiving in HD and requires the best possible resolution that only an HD monitor can give. We are now taking pre-orders, so do not wait as quality is limited on the first production run.


45 degree finder


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