B R O M Oil Cyanoiv Pi

Alternative Processes

Argyrotype Kit £44.83

Cyanotype Kit £36.89

Gum Bichromate Kit £43.36 Salt Printing Kit £48.74 Lith Printing Starter Kit £19.48 Liquid Emulsion LE30 500ml £38.86

Toners & Dyes Palette Toner Kit £34.16

ST20 Sepia Toner 150ml £10.18 ST20 Sepia Toner 500ml £19.18 AD10 Antique Dye 100ml £6.06 RT20 Copper Toner 500ml £19.18 BT20 Blue Toner 500ml £19.18 SLT20 Selenium Toner 11 £18.10 AU20 Gold Toner 11 £25.93 Test Tube Toner Kit £10.76 DY15 Fotodyes 12x15ml £24.46 DY10 B&W Retouch Kit £13.90

llford Galerie Inkjet

Smooth Gloss or Pearl

A4 (25s) A4 (100s) A3 (25s) A3+ (25s) A2 (25s) 61cm (24") Roll Smooth Fine Art A4 (10s) A3 (10s) A3+ (10s)

Smooth High Gloss

Permajet Instant Dry

High Gloss or Oyster

A4 (100s) A3 (50s) A3+ (25s) A2 (25s) 61cm (24")


Matt Plus

All Prices INCLUDE VAT. Most cards welcome.

Free delivery for most of mainland UK on orders over £115.00. check when ordenng.

Wide range of llford, Kodak, Fotospeed, Permajet etc. available to buy online at


A New Standard in Digital Printing from METRO

• Ultimate Quality Service - superb enlargements for prints 12"x8" to 12"x36" using 12 bit colour

• 5 Times - the pixel count of other printing services currently available


Printed on silver halide photo paper new range of Photobooks have a look and feel of eal quality. Ideal for gifts or publications for sale; brilliant for weddings, portfolios, holidays or family occasions! Please ask for our FREE software to help you design your Photobook. See web or Ring us for more details.

Metro Colour Lab Unit 2 Summerhi|1 ,nd

Digital Printing

Film Processing Slide & Print 35mm-120 Panoramic

Canvas Mounting


La b Unit 2 Summerhi"|nd Est

Goodman Street, BIRMINGHAM. B1 2SS.

T: 0121 212 3334 E: [email protected]

w: www.metrocolourlab.com

Recent investment in new machinery allows us to offer the very latest in quality enhanced services..

Service 640-8

640dpi - delivering double the 'dots per inch' of most other laboratories Print from RAW or JPG - on-board software allows us to print direct from RAW files. Files are assessed to produce optimal prints, saving you hours of work in post processing High Definition Smoother Tones Fuji Professional Gloss/Matte finish Competitive prices Fast turnround

Service 640-12

Full details are on our website... www.metrocolourlab.com



T7w first ever Practical Photography/Digital Photo "Lifetime Achievement Award" winner

Specialising inC'ailOII since 1971

CtOMd Monday & Thursday

Pla»»e check opening time ft stock potKlon before making ■ long Journey.

34. Goodmayes Road. ILFORD. Essex. IG3 9UN. T.I 020 8590 3268/020 8599 6657 Email:[email protected]

Hi at i "-iiter rf st sxp. Aiw ct' ssop i mserf, xier iw^e1! fjei ¡s i S:s^cs SftTs-J iit5 fi'ijli sikv>i ds ite b tea

We had a burglary recently and apart from a few ordinary' DSLR, IXUS and P0WERSH0T Kits, around twenty live Mamiya 50th Anniversary Gold RB67 Pro-S In wooden boxes were taken, and quite a few Canon film based EOS cameras including at least live EOS-1VHS.

Not many dealers have new ones of these rather 'unusual' items so if they are being offered, think before you buy and please report this to me or the llford Police quoting crime number 4404236/09, the officer in charge is DS Smith Thank you.

NEW 17mm and 24mm TSE Lenses. The New 17mm f4 (£2750) and 24mm (3.5 MKII (£2400) will not be available, according to Canon, until May. If one is prepared to pay by cheque.debit card or cash before the end of March and wait for delivery from Canon U.K., one can gain an advance purchase saving of 25%. Credit card will save only £22%. Alternatively, one can leave a deposit of £100 and when the lens is ready, one will still pay for the lens at a discount of 25%. I.e. £100 extra for not paying in full in advance.

Canon have just updated their range of circular polarizers. II you do not ask whether we have these in stock and simply ask us to order one for you specifically, there can be up to 25% saving. But remember we can supply a Hoya Pro 1 digital circular polarizer at the moment at half the Canon pnce or a Hoya standard circular polarizer at 25%lllll

Canon Prices 52mm @ £99 99 58mm @ £105.99 67mm ©159 99 72mm & 169.99 77mm @ 189 99

The NEW Canon Digital Ixus 100IS is the most compact IXUS-— . ever yet is still packed with the latest features and an optical^ viewfinder. Read about this on the Canon site. 11* think it is fantastic. At the £299 guide price, I am happy to give £50 credit against neck strap, case,; memory card, etc. and there are four colours choose from - gold, red, black and silver.

Canon won three Amateur Photographer Awards recently

Canon won three Amateur Photographer Awards recently

Powcishot G10 EOS 1000D

and were voted The Most Trusted Photographic 8rand in Europe' by the Readers Digest.

Powcishot G10 EOS 1000D

and were voted The Most Trusted Photographic 8rand in Europe' by the Readers Digest.

THE NEW EOS 5D MKII Having now been tested by most photography magazines, nearly alt reports agree that It is an outstanding camera. If you want one of those exceptional cameras please ring to check both the price and availability. A new 5D MKII + 24-70mm kit available soon!

Canon new but un-boxed 'spilt-from-kit' standard ! zooms available at great savings when and if instock These j Include 10-22mm, 17-85mm, 18-55mm. 18-200mm, 24-105mm and 70-300mm U IS. | Please ask if you need one of these lenses (18-200 shown here).

The Canon BG-E2N grip for the 40D/30D/20D, you are welcome to ask for a 20% discount if purchased with the 40D or 50D. Hahnei have just delivered a new INFRAPRO grip which is similar to the BG-E2N but has an infra rod rocciver built-in and a remote control (like the Canon RC-1/RC-5 which would release the 400D as an I R. receiver is built-in!) included What do you think of this extra feature? tt can also save you a few ££££!!!_

The Canon TC-80N3 cabled release with various timing features, at a guide price of £142 99, has been selling for over 10 years and is popular - but only up market EOS's with N3 fitting can benefit A Chinese manufacturer has produced a very close 'copy' at around £75 As there are not many timer releases on the market nowadays, these Chinese releases can be supplied in Canon E3 fitting for EOS-300. 350.400. 450, 1000, etc. as well as Nikon, Pentax. Konica/Mino ta/Sony fittings, etc.. The standard N3 fitting is in stock but the other fittings would be to specific order.

Hahnei now supply a release which fits both the E3 and N3 with a 2 meter extension for onry £29 As a promotion, if this is purchased with a camera and you mention this advertisement, we will give you 20% discount making it only £23 Hahnei also introduced a high FM frequency wireless remote releaso which also fits both E3 & N3 at only £49, or £39 if purchased with a camera and you mention the Amateur Photographer when ordering

The Canon Flash Off-camera Shoe Cord OC-E3 has a guide price of £60 99 Alternatively, a Chinese version is available at around £30 but there is also a £40 version with extra 50% longer off-camera cable between the two shoes

The Canon Remote Releases RC-1 at £21.99 and RC-5 at £19.99 would obviously fire off compatible Canon cameras which is what one wants. We have found a general release which would release Canon as well as Nikon, Pentax and Konica/Minolta/Sony cameras at only £12.

A 0.7x wide angle attachment is available for the 18-55mm This will bring the 18mm to about 13mm or in 35mm terms from 28mm wide angle to around 20mm! The Japanese PRO' item is £79 or £69 if purchased with an EOS with 18-55 These are available for Canon (58mm) as well as Nikon/Pentax (52mm)

A 0 5x 58mm ultra wide and a Fisheye version will be available by request.

The Powershot SX1-IS was tested in issue 81 of DIGITAL CAMERA BUYER and they concluded that "The SX1 is surely the best superzoom yet. not least because of its 4fps shooting and great design But it's also a superb Full HD camcorder-truly remarkable!" Overall five stars top score Get in touch if you need one.

Canon FD Manual Focus Equipment (Sales A Service) still catered for whenever possible.

Hot-shoe Covers used to come with cameras but are now optional. We have one that looks and feete like the Nikon BS-1 but without the logo. £3 in store or £4.50 by recorded delivery

WANTED: New Digital IXUS 850 IS (from othor Dealers) Mint/Used condition onos from the goneral public. Also required - battery grip for EOS 350D/400D.


Lens Adaptors

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