They returned again on February 17 over Morris County. Several police stations received reports from residents mho reported that around ten red lights,'moving in unison* were seen at around 8.45am to 9pm. A theory was put forward that they could be Chinese lanterns! (Source - Associated Press, Feb 13),

FOLLOWED: Two brothers hauling wood across frozen Mi 11 in ocket Lake which sits in die shadow of Maine's Mount Katahdi n, had an un ne rving experie nee. Th ey saw a low flying light, 50 feet above the tree li ne, shining a 1 ight totheground.Thelight soon tu rned to threeredlightsformingatriangle.The brothers moved to theircamp, returning a few minutes later only to encountera single red lightwhic h ap peared to fol low them...whiletwomorelightsjoined th e fi rst in the sky an d seemed, at one point, to be su rrou nding them. Wh en thebrothersdecideditwastimetoget out of there, the i rveh icle's engi ne shut down. (Source - MUFON, Feb 19).

OFFICIAL: One civilian andthree uniformed police officers reported seei ng a U FO ove r G reenvi I le, H u nt Cou nty, Texas. O ne wit ness s potted a bright object hovering above her house which dimmed,grew bright again then flew off. Sheriff Randy Meeks reported: Three of my officers also saw a bright light, i nc I ud i ngth e de p uty who f i rst respondedtothesighting.(SouRCE ■ Herald Banker, March 1).


video has been taken of three UFOs in a triangular formation over Huânuco, Peru.They were in the area for at least two hours before one headed north-east,theothertwostayingfora iittlewhilelongerbeforedisappearing (Source - UFO / OVNI, Feb 7).

BURNING UP; Argentina's Neuquen Astronomical Observatory tracked threeunidentifiedobjectsenteringthe earth's atmosp here 'wh ich c reated a tremendousflashthatiitthe region's skies fro m Alto Vail e to the Cordil leran Lake regio n, acco rd ingto witn esses', Theincidentoccurredaroundio.15 pm. Roberto Figueroa, director of the Observatory, reported that at'I was in the obse rvatory with some people and wesuddenly saw howtheentireskyinthe western partofParqueNortebecome ilium i nated. We saw th ree very bright objects, unidentified, which exploded uponeriteringtheatmosphere, producingatremendousflashthatwas

| Friends from Venus

| According to his written accounts, Howard | Menger first met alien visitors when he was | ten years old, in 1932. Visiting a favourite = woodland glade near his home in New Jersey, | he found a woman of unearthly beauty E waiting for him. She told him, 'Howard, I have | come a long way to see you, and to talk to you.'

She spoke at length about his future | and purpose on Earth, and told him of

| further visits he would have from others

= of'her people', who, he learned later, came

| from Venus. Sure enough, by the 1950s he

| was claiming regular sessions with the

| Venusians - indeed he and his wife believed

| they had been reincarnated from previous

| lives on the planet Venus.

Menger also met Martians and

= Saturnians, and in 1956 was given a trip

= to the space people's Moon base. They all

E looked human, but one of Menger's tasks

| was to provide clothing for Venusians newly

= arrived on Earth, so that they could move

| about undetected. Oil one occasion he also

I gave a Venusian male with long blond locks

= a short-back-and-sides haircut so that he

| would not attract attention.

Menger took some photographs of his alien

| friends in the 1950s, and these two show

= Venusians, one of them silhouetted against a

| spacecraft. The other Venusian disappeared

| after touching a shiny gadget on her belt, and

| another spaceman standing nearby said she

= had returned to the spacecraft.

= Costa Rica enigma

1 During an aerial photography mission over Costa Rica

| in 1971, a UFO appeared on one frame of the film. The

§ frames were shot at intervals of 17 seconds, and no UFO

E appeared in the previous and following frames.

followed byasort of smoke.' Residents from Barilot he reported seei ng a light fall into Lake Nahuel Huapi.Others saw flash i ng I ights ever the lake. The Navy searched the area but found nothing. (Source - Rio Negro, Feb 17)

OVER CHEB: Several reports of bright orange UFOs we re reported from the country In February con cent rated around the northern town of Cheb. Paul Be ran said; 'We saw two lights and thenanothertwo,oneemittlngabright orange light, the objects th en s hot away intothedistanceina westward di all lasted about aminute.' Vaclav Tond I saw the same lights buzz overthetown square on February 14. Five objects ci rcl ed ove rthetown.then thechurch before flyingoff.The objects made no sound.Two nights later more UFOS were spotted by worried residents, the local police launched an investigation. (Source - http; h feb 20).

'CHINESE LANTERN' OVER CHINA: Physics Professor Zhang Shen 5pottedafieryUFOoverKummlng His wife was standingonthebalcony whe n she saw a "fie ry orange glowing object streak across the sky The object was travel lingatanincrediblespeed andcrossedtheskyiniessthanfour minutes' She called he r hu sband who al so saw the I ight. M rs Zhang too k apictureoftheUFOonhermobile phone.The newspaper reported that the UFO pi ctured i n Ch i na looks similar to the 'Ch in ese lante rns" spotted in the UK. Sure ly a Ch in ese p rofessor could tellaChineselanteruwhenheseesone? W hat have the British really been seeing: (Source - Ai i m wnwf h, March 3).

KENT: The witness was d rivi ng throughOrpingtonwhenshespotted "a huge bright ball, like a fire ball, falling to earth,'" on the 6th of Marc h. 5 he reports:"Wewatchedasthi5spinning orange ball stopped abruptly and shotbackwardsinasouthtowesterly direction backwards very quickly. I took aplctureon my mobile phone and on lookingatitwhenlgothomelnoticed twosmallorangelights: afterzooming inonthemtheshapechangesiikea triangleinsideaspherewithtwoorange lights and a dark patch in the middle." (, 6th March).

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