Big Cats Sightings Falmouth Cornwall

65ft long object was "followed by thin strands". He said: "1 couldnt believe it. It's just like the descriptions of Nessie." (Source - daily Telegraph: isth August 2009).

fang found: A large tooth measuring 3.8 inches found in the central belt of Scotland was banded over to Big Cats in Britain Lothian's representative Sam McKeown. Workers converting an old explosives compound dug the tooth out from under concrete. Dr And rew Kitchener said after viewing photographs:"ltlookslikealarge carnivore's canine, but I would need to compare it with our specimens to give it a positive identification, it looks like a tooth from an old game head-the splitting is characteristic of teeth drying out indoors." The tooth has now been sentto Dr Kitchener for identification. (Source - Bio Cats it* Britain August 2009).

FOREIGN INVADERS: "heUK is still being invaded byforeign species. An eagle owl was recently spotted in Cardiff,and local residents were warned to loc k up the i r pets. A grou p ofskunksarereportediylivinginthe Forest of Dean: 0 ne was handed into a local wildlife cent re i n J u ty and another was a killed by a car. Now another has turned upinagardeninColeford, Gloucestershire, which is thought to be oneofapairsightedafewdaysearlier. I n the Sam e area, colo nies of Las ius neglectus, the so-called Asian super ant, has been fou nd at H idcote Manor, near C h i pping Cam den. I n Rutland a m otorist believesshesawaSouthAmerican Capybara ambling across the road near Exto n. Kate Tudno-Jones re cogn ised th e enormou5rodent from zoo trips and then confirmed hersuspicions on the internet Nige I Spen cer of the Rutland and Leicestershire Pantherwatch said that more re ports of a capybara have co me i n from Exton, an d Bu ckm i nster (Source - Wales Online, BBC News, Yahoo News, Rutland Press, Nigel Spencer http-jywww. - August 2009).

USA MYSTERY CATS: Nicholas Dixie reported to Big Cats in Britain on the 2nd of September'a big black catamblingacrossastubblefield'at Rockland St. Mary,Norfolk, Virginia. His wife managed to getagood view of it thro ugh binoculars before it ran off. She estimated it was nearly three feet long excluding tail. Lynn Reed and hiswifewatchedwhattheythought

Morgawr, the sea giant

Morgawr ('sea giant' in Cornish) is said to live in the sea off Falmouth, Cornwall, and there have been numerous sightings over the years. It has variously been identified as a prehistoric plesiosaur or a rare long-necked seal, but without a carcase to study, the identification will have to remain tentative.

A couple of photographs were taken in 1976, but they remain controversial. They were allegedly taken by 'Mary F.' who wished to remain anonymous. She sent them to the local newspaper, and in her letter she said that the monster was only visible for a few seconds, but she thought its body was 15-1« feet long.

'It looked like an elephant waving its trunk, but the trunk was a long neck with a small head on the end, like a snake's head. It had humps on the back which moved in a funny way. The colour was black or very dark brown, and the skin seemed to be like a sealion's... the animal frightened me. I w ould not like to see it any closer. I do not like the way it moved when swimming.'

Doc Shiels was living in Falmouth at the time, and he claimed two sightings, of Morgawr himself, on one occasion when accompanied by magazine editor David Clarke. They both saw 'a small dark head poking out of the water' and, as it moved closer, they saw that 'the greenish black head was supported on a long arched neck, more slender than that of a seal*. The head was ugly, like a big snail's head with little stalks or horns. Unfortunately David Clarke's camera failed to work properly.

A live sea serpent?

On 12 December 1964, French photographer Robert Le Serrec and his wife were crossing Stonehaven Bay, Hook island, Australia, in a motorboat when - they claimed - they noticed an enormous monster lying on the sea bed. it looked like a giant tadpole, with a large head and thin body extending to about 30 feet (9m) in length.

They said they filmed it with a cine camera and then dived into the water to take further photographs of it below the surface (which didn't come out). When the creature opened its mouth, the couple swam away -though it seems like a foolhardy action to swim close to it in the first place. By the time they reached their boat, the monster had gone.

Such was their story. The late expert on sea serpents, Bernard Heuvelmans, was unimpressed: he considered the presence of eyes on the top of the creature's head 'unlikely'. One theory put forward is that the sea serpent was in fact a deflated weather balloon that had come to grief in the bay, andLe Serrec couldn't resist dressing up his story after he had successfully photographed it.

wasablack mountain lion foroverten minutes near Dublin, Alameda County, California. Mr Reed said: "He was blackas can be with a head the size of a cantaloupe. It wasife et long, the tai 121/2 feet, maybe 60,75 pounds." (san Francisco I 'i:runk I.r, Bio Cats in Britain - August 2009).

polish ch im ats: Numerous reports ofaBigfootorwhatthe Polish news agencies are callings Yeti are being taken seriously by the authorities. Piotr Kowalski filmed a "monstrous, hairy creature" while on holiday in the Tat ra Mountains. He said: "I saw this huge ape-like form hiding behind the rocks. When I saw it, it was like being struck by a thunderbolt,"he told the daily Su p erex p ress. Co mi ng from Warsaw, I never really believed the local stories of a wild mountain ape-man roaming the slopes. But, now I do." The film was handed over to Robert Be rnatowicz oftheNautilius Foundation who said, "Th e film c I early s h ows 'something7 that moves on two legs and is bigger than a normal man. But because the camera shakes so much it is difficult to say what it is exactly. We need to go to th e s ite an d see what traces, if any, were I eft." Sho rt ly afte rwards the Morningstarr re ported that the Wildmanhad been seen again, this time ogling a bikini-clad girl.i^year-oidJustynaFolgarwas swimming in theriverinthe same location as above, as herboyfriend video-taped her. She said: "I wandered into theriverfora dip when I realised that something was on the opposite shore. At first I thought it was a bear but it appeared to be stooping and then it raised itself onto two legs and ran off. I couldn't believe it." Mountain rangers are now searchingtheareaforthecreature. (Source - austrian times, at august 2009).

FLYING CREATURES: On August nth 2009 a man living west of San Antonio in Texas heard a"loud awful sc ream " an d saw a large f I ock of birds flushed out of trees as "a giant creature swooped out of the sky andjustas quickly flew back up Into the rocks."The witness continues: "It looked nothing I ike a bird, I was aboutsoyardsfromitandwouldsay I

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