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Hollybush Church Ghost

Among the gravestones

In 1928 Mrs Hilda L. Wiekstead was on holiday with friends in Worcestershire, and on seeing the church in the village of Holly Bush near Malvern, they decided to stop for a while. Mrs Wiekstead decided to take a photograph of her friend, Mrs Laurie, and asked her to stand still while she did so. Mrs Laurie can be seen standing to the left of the tal! cross by the church porch. After taking the photograph, Mrs Wiekstead put her camera in the car and then went to join Mrs Laurie.

As she commented later, 'There was absolutely no one else in the churchyard at the time and she walked down the path to me. When I got inside the gate she drew my attention to the grave of a soldier who had died in service and another of a girl who had died a few months later and said, "I wonder if they were lovers."'

Six weeks later, when the film was developed, Mrs Wiekstead noticed what appears to be an embracing couple among the gravestones in the trees, who would surely have been noticed by the visitors if they had been there in reality.

the eerie noise came from the well. My house is near the well wh ere t he ske letal remai n s were fou nd I was terrified and told my husband but hedismissed it.' (Source - THE STAR; ."Vm October 2009).

DEMONIC DOG & PHANTOM TRUCK: Bloods Point Road in Illinois 5 said to be haunted by a ghostly black truck and a phantom dog. A black true k sudden ly a p p ears from now he re andchasesvehiclesonlytodisappear as quickly as it came. A school bus full of children is said to have lost control on the road with afl iife lost. The story is that if you stop your vehicle on the spot and put it in neutral the ghostly children will come and push you, and if you leave traces of talcum powder on your vehicle you wifi later find the imprints of small hands. Locals scoff at the stories, there are no records of such an accident,and local resident Russell Mothkovich claims with a twinkle in his eye that he recently bo ughta brand new black truck! But local paranormal researcher Mike Ruti i n c laims to h ave pe rso na I ly e ncou nte red t he devi I d og a nd reports:'While I was driving down the road with a friend, we heard the sound of twisted metal dragging behind us. Just then there was a huge dog's head in the window, growling and barking We were doing probably 40 mph. This thing came out of nowhere. I hate to make it sound like a bad horror movie, but it was a huge head, and it had the red eyes. It was inthewindowofmy car... It seemed like forever at the time, butwasprobablyjustfonoseconds andthenitvanished* (source - bkd.com] 17t h October s009).

FOLSOM PRISON BLUES: Ghosts walk the corridors and ceils ofthe prison accordingto James Brown, operations manager for the prison's museum.Aghosthasbeenseen walkingaround the front gate on several occasions and it is believed to be the spirit of a prison officer killed in a riot in 1927. All the usual occurrences are re ported: ghostly footsteps, f igu res disap p eari ng an d strange unexplained noises in the night. After one such sighting all the p rison e rs were rou nd ed u p fo r a head count but none we re missing


One guard knowingly explained that it was theghost.Afigurewasseen walking around the catwalk, butwhen challenged to stop he ignored the requests. The guard s o pen ed fi re - the figu re carri ed on wa I ki ng and the n disappeared. The most haunted areas seem to be the old hospital, old death row cells and buildings. (Source - The Folsom Telegraph: 19th october 2009).


Robb Canyon in Northwest Reno, near Rainbow Ridge, USA, has long had a reputation of being haunted, which comes as a bit of asurprise to the locals! According to the Haunted Robb Canyon blog people have reported 'unexplained cold spots, invisible forces that push ortugat visitors, bloodcurdlingsc reams,andshadowy specters'. The screams are alleged to comefromamultiplemurderinthe 70s,yet no trace of these murders can be found in public record5. The blogs on the area even claim that the local police have given up attending calls tothearea-aclaimtheystrenuously deny. Even re si dents who have spent years in the region say they have no kn owledge of th e s poo ky i ncidents.


FOLLOW ME: JustinPotts of the Indiana Paranormal Group is drawn to the now closed Central State Asylum Hospital on the outskirts of Indianapolis.Hesaysthatastrange atmosphere descends on the place after dark, and has rece nt |y ex pe ri e need somestrangeoccurrenceswhile i nvestigati ngthepremises.Hesaid Sometimes Spirits' reveal themselves in the hospital as strange shadows, mistlike clouds or tiny orbs of light. Pott has EVPrecordingsinwhichsomething appears to say, 'Follow me', alo ng with, 'Can you help me?' (Source - indiana i vaii.v News: 28th October 2009).

THE HANGING TREE: A French coupleon holiday in theScottish Highlands claim they have taken a photograph of a ghost at the site of an old hanging tree situated in the High Street, Fort William. Unknown to the tourists the site has had a ghostly reputation since the tree was chopped down in the 1970s. Sophie Mager,and Re my Puckey,from Jaux, just north of Paris, did not see the apparition when they took the photograph, but as usual, after they

Viaduct Inn Ghost

In the cellar

This figure was photographed in the cellar of the Viaduct Inn in London, where the cells of Newgate Prison were said to have stood - but 110 person or ghost was seen at the time.

The photograph was taken by a trustworthy personal friend, a Dane called Lars Thomas, a zoologist by profession and not the sort of person to be so unaware of his surroundings that he failed to see a person standing in front of him when he took a photograph. He was on a guided tour of the cellar in 19SS and wanted to capture the eerie place on film - afterwards he found that he seemed to have captured a ghost. I© Lars Thomas/Forte an Picture Library!

Red Lion Wheelton Ghost

A ghostly dog

These two ladies and their maid, partaking of afternoon tea in the garden, are completely unaware that they have an ephemeral canine companion. The photograph was taken around 1916 at Tingewick in Buckinghamshire by Arthur Springer, a retired CID inspector from Scotland Yard. Neither he nor the ladies were aware of the dog. They did not own a dog, and when they saw it in the photograph they could not recognise it as a dog from their village.

The names of the ladies taking tea were, seated left, Mrs Kate Townsend (the mother-in-law of the person who supplied us with the photograph) and Mrs Emily Springer, whose husband took the photograph. He was using a plate camera, and a fresh pack of glass plates straight from the chemist. It is interesting that the dog is clearly standing still and therefore, if it had been a live dog, it would have appeared as solid as the people. Instead it is insubstantial and appears to be headless.

looked at the film. STV reports:'The night-time image shows the bright lights of the houses in the town. In front, just before the camera lens, there is a white mist or smoke-like veil blocking the view.' Ms Mager said: 'It was amazing and I swearthat it is not a picture with special effects. We didn't see the ghost on the spot, but discovered it when we looked at the picture. Many strange things are happening in Fort William. We showed it to the staff of the West End Hotel in Fort William, where we were staying. They too found the apparition intrigu ing- but scary.'The photo can be viewed via paranormalmagazine.co.uk/new5 (source - stv 22nd November 2009).

SECURITY SCARE: Security officers on a building site on the outskirts of the Ayrshire village of Dalmellington are reporting strange goings-on at the site. Guards are diverting their mobile supervisor away from his duties to complain of st range noises in their patrol room. They often hear bangs and crashes comingfrom the other two rooms, the kettle turning itself on and off, noises in the attic, and on one occasion a loud bang that seemed to shake thewhole house which com plete ly u n nerved th e guard on duty. Whereas most of the noises can be given a ready acceptable explanation, the shadowy figure seen by one experienced guard cannot be easily explained away. (SotlRCE ^ www. claymoreseccrtty.org

November aor>9).

a baby and a bonnet: The security off i ce r at the Roe Val ley Hospital in Ltmavady, Northern ireland,tookafewnight-tirne photographs of the buildingand the grounds on his digital camera. Later, flickingthrough them he was amazed toseeaghostlyfigureononeofthe images, which he immediately showed to h is manager. I nvestigators from the Paranormal Society Ireland held the photograph in their possession for three months before releasing it and declaring it as genuine. The picture , is saidto show a wo man wearing '

Basilica Bois Chenu Domremy Ghosts

Sightings an o I d-fashio n ed bo n net. So me say she is a nurse, holdings baby. There has been paranormal phenomena re po rted fro m t he former wo rkh o use grounds in the past; strange sounds I ¡fret hose of babies crying, knocks o n wi ndows, ghost ly nurses,and the list goes on. The photo can be viewedviaparanormal magaz i ne. co.uk/news (Source - Londonderry sentinel: (9th November 2009).

= Basilica apparition

= Four friends were visiting the Basilica of Le Bois-Chenu near Domremy in France, in 1925E This church is dedicated to St Joan of Arc, who eame from Domremy, and was built at the 1 place where Joan heard her voices. The occasion for their visit was the presentation of the | Union Flag to the church by Lady Palmer. Miss Townsend asked Lady Palmer to take her = photograph, and she can be seen in the centre. The two other people present, Mr and Mrs | W. E. Foster, were behind the camera.

These four were the only people inside the church, and none of them saw the two figures

| which also appeared on the photograph. Closer examination of the original print suggested

= to them that the figures were priests wearing archaic vestments. But if so, they are unlikely

§ to have officiated in the basilica, which was only built in the late 19th century.

GHOST RIDER: A man in Kennesaw CobbCounty,Georgia,USA,reports: 'IVe gotabadbackand haven't worked in over aye ar so I spend a lot of time in bed. Earlier th is year, late spring or early summer, I was in a half-awake state and I noticed the hazy form of what appeared to be someone in Civil War cloth i ng 0 n a hors e stand i ng i n my bedroom. It was there for only a second and kind of dematerialized. I remember it beingakindofayellowish colour. 1 am three nilies from the epicentre of the Battle of Kennesaw Mou ntain Pa rk an d pro bably less than amilefromthecavalrybattleground at Mud Creek.'Another man reported to the nalive News that he and his son were driving the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield on the 8th of October when they saw 'something' about to cross the road in front of them. He reports: 'I quickly locked down on my brakes as the horse proceeded to come right in front of us, the rider passed straight t hrough the fenee.' Civil war buffs, thewitnesseswereabletoidentify the riderasaUnionArmycawalry officer holdinga sabre in his hand. (Source- Phantoms a Monsters and mai.jvf. News November 2009).

PHANTOM FELINE: The Fairport HarbourlighthouseinCleveland.Ohio, is said to be haunted amongst other things, by a cat. Thefelineonce owned byaCaptJosephBabcock who lived in the lighthouse in the late igth century and gave many cats to his bedridden wife. His so n d ied of s mal I pox at th e age of five and is also said to be a spirit that lingers on at the lighthouse. Nine years ago the mummified remains ofacatwas found in the brickwork when a new air-conditioning system was being installed. The ghost cat has been seen on many occasions walking the grounds, and now the paranormal group Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits (or ORBS) will be conducting an onsite investigation to determine whet her the tales are true, (Source -WKYC News 8th November 2009).

GHOSTS ON FILM: A photograph of what some believe are two ghosts dancing has been taken at the Tunnel Bar, Union Station Restaurant, Northampton, MA, in November, One person involved reports: 'My da ugh ter'sfnend has taken successive photos in which the second photo takenafewsecondsafterthefirst shows a wo man in a 505 or6os green and aqua dress with anup-dohair style. She is floating in a tilted position with no legs. The arms and hands look oddly grey and odd lookingin s hap e. Sh e is near peo p I e s itti ng on barstoolsand is elevated slightly h igher than th ey are. The person takingthephotosaidthewomanwas not there when she took the shot. No mention was made about the man behind her, however, he looks normal and could have gotten out of his seat and was heading towards the door.'The photo can be viewed viaparanormalmagazine.co.uk/news (Source - Phantoms it Monsters &Thf. Texas Paranormal Research Group: November 2009).

PHOTO PHANTOM: While ata friend's birthday party David Finch tooka photograph at the Red Lion pu b wh ic h is situated al on g B lac k bu rn Road in Wheelton, Lancashire. He said: "I don't believe in the afterlife and all that but I can't exp la i n th e p ictu re. It's done ttis rounds lii the village, andeveryonehascomeoutwith a story" A local senior psychology lecturer believes it may be due to double exposure orasmudged finger print, although the Paranormal team (whoareusuallyfairlycautiousabout ghdst photos) fee I th Is 0 he looks too 'good' for that explanation. But judge foryourself: the photograph can be viewed at www. paranormal magazine. co.uk/news

(Source ■ Lancashire Evening Post 3rd Decemrer 2009).

angels and the dead: lie

Homes from Cam bridges hi re believes that her three children, Jade 11, Amber 9, and Leo5,talkto angels and dead people.Theyclaimtoremember past lives, and even draw sketches of the beings that they converse with. While on holiday In Ireland a picture , taken of them on the Giants Causeway®

The harbour wall

George Kanigowski was on holiday in Cyprus in September 19S6 and he decided to photograph the lights of Liniassol harbour at night. His Olympus OM10 camera was mounted on a tripod on a 3-foot-high wall, and a time exposure of 30 seconds was used for each of the five slides. He saw nothing unusual at the time, and no one crossed his path: indeed, a person would have needed to climb on the wall in order to get into the picture. But when he got home and had the slides processed by Kodak, George found that although four were normal, one showed what may be a ghostly figure.

L© GEORGE Kanigowski/Fortean Picture Library]

Sightings shows them, according toKylie, "surrounded by a radiant white Sight". Kylie says: "It's just a man if est at ion of t he e nergy of th e t h ree c h ildren t he mse Ives, com bi n ed with that of the place itself.' Kyiie's husband is sceptical, and Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psycho logy Research Unit of Goldsmiths College at the University of London says: "Most children have vivid imaginations and enjoy fantasy play and that's a perfectly healthy part of growing up." (Source - KRGV News 4th December 2oo<ji.

THE SITWELLS: Situated in the East Yorkshire town of Scarborough and now known as the Wocdend Creative Workspace, SitwelI House is said to be haunted by members of the famous I ite rary S itweil familywhoonceowned it. A rece nt "live gho st hunt" was said to have provided proof that the establishment is haunted, Andrew Clay, centre director of Wooden d, said: "Th ey are all trie nd ly ghosts. We have seen very strange things in the past and someone once took a picture of a face in the window. We were told somearevisitingghostswhilethe others are permanent." (Source - Scarborough Evening NewsiBth December 2009).

HAUNTED HOTEL: First built in 1640, destroyed by the Jacobites, once owned by the man who ordered the slaying of the McDonalds In Glencoe, and set in the majestic surroundings of Loch Linnie and Loch Leven,this building has a long and troubled history. Guests and staff alike are reportingparanormalgoings-on from the hotel today. Incidents include ghostly foot falls from empty corridors.theghostofalittfeboy who has been photographed,an old lady in grey, piano music and even sleep paralysis. Now staff members Jim Morrison and his fiance Heather MacLeod have started their own paranormal research group in the hope of getting to the bottom of the strange occurrences. (source - lochabeb news 3.0ti1 december 2009).

JAILHOUSE SHOCKS: Built in the 1750s o n a "busy" execu tio n site and now owned by historian and ghost hunter Richard Felix, the jail is reported as beinga "hotbed of paranormal act ivity." M r Fe Ibt says h e was 0 nee "confronted bya grey haze in the shapeofman.whoglidedstraightpast him before disappearing at the end of a corridor" Doors open and close of their own accord, arid many people report feelings of nausea, So much so that they have to leave the premises. People have also felt themselves being strangledandtheapparitionsof two men hanging from beams have been noted on several occasions. The most frightening apparition of all is a bald man who wears a I eat her apron, (Source - Sunday Mercury jrdJanuary 2009).

FARM IN FEAR: Donna Santos, of Connecticut,called in the Northwest Connecticut Paran ormal Society to he lp make sen se of incidents on her farm. Frightened horses we re often moved from one locked barn to an other, the cat's bowl of mi Ik was often moved,dogs barked at invisible be i ngs. The wh ole fam i ly became ve ry uncomfortable living there. Mrs Santos said;"! did not move the horses. My h u sband did n ot move t he horses our childrendidnot move thehorses.The h orses cou id not u nioc k th e mse Ives and move on their own, something had to move them," State Troopers spent the night on the farm on one occasion, they saw noth ing, yet Sti tithe horses had been moved right under their noses. (Source - The Register 6 th december 2009).


Francisco Police officer Eric Borghesani initially set out to deburik the alleged hauntingattheHayward Mansion, but now he is a believer. He sawsomethingoutofthecornerof his eye, took a photograph and caught on camera what he believes isaghost, ofwhathesays was a"disembodied dress-shapehoveringinthe right side of the photo". EVP experiments in the building have resulted in many 'spirit' recordings with phrases such as "Step... back!""Get ...out!" "Just let them know .„ dad!" Borghesani said; "It totallyfreakedmeout." (Source - http:,'/www. rnsidebayarea.com 1jth december 2009).

ATTENTION SEEKERS: Ceskclerk Kirsten Kuykendall at the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona, believes the majority of ghosts seen in the p rem is es are just afte r atte ntio n. "Whateverishereistrappedand bored,"Kuykendallsaid.'They just want to be acknowledged." Many of the occurrences take place in a room in which two p rostit utes we re murdered

Red Lion Wheelton Ghost

Two more church ghosts

This photograph was taken by Eddie Coxon in Alton church, Staffordshire, on 12 September 1993, during a flower festival. There were other people in the church, but Coxon was sure no one was in front of the camera, it was a 2-3 second exposure, with no flash used. Perhaps the flowers attracted a plant-lover from beyond the grave.

facing page A figure was caught on camera in Sefton church, Mersey side, by Paul Mason in September 1999. He was with one other person in the church. Neither of them saw the figure and the church door was locked.

f© E. Coxon/Kortean Picture Library) [© Paul Mason/Forte an PrcTURE Library]


in back in the days when the area was theredlight district. (Source - i[ttp:/,']ackcentral, com news december 2009).

TEXAS DEMONS: A woman in Texas fled her home in terror, claiming demons forced her out. She reports se e i ng shad ows an d ghostly vo i c es and that her daughter talked to the spirit of a girl who called herself Beth who said she was demonic. The unidentified woman brought in aghost hunte r a nd th e C hanne 15 n ews team to try and help with the situation. The family of four ended up sleeping in the same room, being too scared to stay alone. The owners of the leased property ex plained that they had never experienced anything bad in the house, suspecting that the story is made up to get out of the lease. Property manager Kay Kerr said, "a lease is a lease". (Source - KRGV News 1 ,ti i december 5009).

PARANORMAL PUB: Paul Donnor whoownstheParkGatelnnat Cannock Wood, Staffordshire, believes his premises are "a hotbed ofparanorinalactivity."Reportsof "ghost lyfigures,float ingorbsand inexplicabletemperaturechanges" have been reported by staff and visitors. The Park Gate Inn stands only 500 yards away from Castle Ring, the Iron Age hill fort said by some to be "one of the most mystical places in England." Strange music and ghostly entities have been reportedfrom the area. But Mr Donnor believes the haunting at the inn could be attributed to the death of a formerowner in 1969. (Source - Sunday MERcttHY iwh January 2010}.

suicide cell: Prisoners at HMP Brinsford near Wolverhampton are "terrified of entering a possessed cell" after two "near identical suicides" in less than ayear. Now hardened ctiminalsare insisting that apriest be called In to perform an exorcism. Details of the previous suicides are not available but an inside source said that one of the former occupants oftheceli wasa"devilworshipper."Thedeaths were on the same dayandatthe same time, A Prison Service spokesman said therewas"notruth"insuggestions thatan exorcism was planned. (Source - Sunday Mercury 18th january [joio), extra guests: The Boutique Hotel in Edinburgh's old town, not

Mysterious mists

Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Illinois (not far from Chicago) is an abandoned burial ground with a ghostly reputation. There have been many reported sightings of ghosts, mysterious lights, eerie mists - and strange noises have been heard (watch out if you view the website www. bachelors-grove.com - it scared me half to death!).

These photographs were taken in 1974 by Tony Vaci, He said that the mist could only be photographed in two areas of the cemetery, and that he had managed to take over 100 such photographs using Polaroid cameras. He felt that the 'thing' wanted him to capture it on film, as sometimes his camera would 'fire' by itself. He had witnesses with him when he photographed the mists, and when the camera fired by itself, including the well-known local ghost hunter Richard Crowe. = [® Tony Vaci/Fortean Picture Library!

^ Is this Walter?

I When Robert A. Ferguson was addressing a Spiritualist convention

| in Los Angeles, California, on 16 November 1968, several Polaroid

E photographs were taken during his talk. This one allegedly shows

| Ferguson's dead brother Walter (killed in action in France in 1944)

| standing next to him. According to Ferguson, however, the arm

| and hand held forward do not belong to either Robert or Walter.

= [©Robert a.Ferguson/foktean Picture library)

far from Mary Kings Close has been experiencing some odd occurrences lately. The underground cellar was recently 0 pen ed d u r i ng re novati 0 ns and now staff report feeling "an odd chill" when there. Others have reported "hearingstrange bumps coming from behind the door." The hotel is only yards from the underground network of tunnels where plague victims were rumoured to have been buried alive. Mark Turner, paranormal investigator for Ghost Finders Scot land, said:'There isa huge amount of history and tales of human suffering linked to old Edinburgh."

(Source - Dead Line Scotland ist February 2010).

22-FACED:Apicturewastaken at t he Sam my Marks Museu m i n Pretoria, South Africa, which is said to s how the ghost of a Scotsman who inlifewasafriendoftheMarksfamily. Thegroupofpeoplewhoassembled for the photograph numbered 21, but the actual picture shows 22 people, or rather just an extra face. There is also "an extra hand" in the photograph!

The Scotsman in life is said to have looked after children In the building during the 1800s; his ghost is well known and it has a tendency "to tease lady visitors."

(Source - www.southafrica. NET26THjANUARV 2010>,

SLEEPLESS MIGHTS: The story goes that inthe 1930s a woman withababyinherarmsjumped to her death from the Ski rvin Hotel in Oklahoma. Staff andvisitorshave reported seeing "ghosts and hearing st range n oises" t hrougho ut th e years.

Football team the Knicks recently b lamed their recent stay at the hotel fortheirgames loss. The players had troublesleepingbecauseoftheirfear ofthe"ghosts." Coach Jard Jeffries said: "I definitely believe it, the place is hau nted. If s sea ry," Th e occu rre nces include awoman screaming a maid's cart rollingonlts own, female voices, furniture moving of its own accord, and propositions by the spirit of a female prostitute, (Source ■ Daily News i2th january).

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