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Ghosts have a long history: they were reported as far back as the first century AD, when Athenodorus, a hard-up philosopher, rented a house in Athens, which was cheap because of its eerie reputation.

Sitting working late at night, Athenodorus heard the rattling of chains and then, suddenly, the horrifying figure of an old man appeared before him. It beckoned to him and, although Athenodorus tried to ignore it and get on with his work, it refused to let him, rattling its chains so that he couldn't concentrate. So Athenodorus followed the ghost into the garden, where it pointed at a spot on the ground and disappeared.

Next day, a hole was dug at the place indicated by the ghost and a human skeleton with chains still around it was discovered. After the remains were given a proper burial and the house purified, the haunting ceased.

This was clearly a ghost with a purpose, but usually the reason for a haunting is not clear. There have been a few modern cases where ghosts seemed to have a message, such as 'crisis apparitions' of a person, seen by close friends and relatives at the time of his or her death, an event unknown to them until confirmation came later.

However, in many ghost sightings, the apparition seems purposeless and its identity remains unknown. Many of the ghosts which pop up in photographs were not even seen at the time the picture was taken, and such appearances therefore seem to be totally accidental rather than purposeful.


Ghostly Images Photos

Menacing f igu re

Unsurprisingly, numerous people claim to have seen or sensed ghostly presences in mary of England's ancient churches - the smell of incense, the sound of the organ, voices singing knights dressed in armour, and soon - but no one has ever claimed to have seen the ghost of Newby church in North Yorkshire which revealed itself on a photograph taken by the then-vicar, Reverend K. h Lord.

The Rev Lord was a keen amateur photographer and ore summer afternoon some time in the early | 1960s he decided to photograph the interior of his church. There was no ore else there with him except one friend, and neither of them saw anything untoward in the church.

Some time later, when he made some printsf ram the negatives, the Reverend Lord discovered'.he ghost on one of them. Standing beside the altar is a tall (possibly 9 feet) menacing figure, wrapped in a long, dart cloak, with its face apparently covered by a white cloth with eye-holes.

The church only dates from the late 19th century and was not known to be haunted. I maintained a long correspondence with the Rev Lord from around 1971 until his death in 2000 aged 86, and heremaired firm in his belief that the photograph was geruincly mysterious. ©k. F. Lord/Foexean Picture. Library

Old Ghost Photographs


Taken from the pages of

Paranormal Magazine hum iiiin mm i wti iitiii i urn m ii Milium

G R O W LIN G: A strange, eerie growl has been heard by several witnesses in a ruined church alongCold Christmas Lane, Thundridge, Herts. The building att racts 'devi I wo rs h i p pe re' at Halloween, and has long rumoured to be haunted. A recording of the growl has been made. But locals Bernard and Marion Hill, who have been in the area For the last 30 years and walktheir dogs t h rough th e ru ins twi ce a day, say t hey have never seen, heard or experienced anything out of the ordinary. (Source - East Herts Herald).

highwayman: Helen Coughlan says she has encountered the ghost of highwayman Bill Saunders on several occasions in Epping Forest and that he has told her he was hanged fora crime he did not commit. Apparently,Saunders, part of Dick Turpin'sgang refuses to pass over completely to the other side until his name is cleared in a gang murder. Mrs Coughlan said: There wasa stench of rotting flesh whenever he was close. While highwaymen were buried in consecrated ground, murderers were hungandtheircorpsesallowedto decompose until they were nothing but bone. He spoke to me and said that he had been staying around the place as hedidntwanttocross over as a murderer, as he was innocent of the crime. We performed an exorcism which involves the last rites, so now his sou I has been commended to God and he seems feels a lot freer now." RevSpencer Hayward performed the exorcism with his wife Janet, (Source - The Guardian).


January, English couple Tony and Doreen Galbraith were holidaying in CO Fermanagh, Ireland, when they had an unusual experience. Mr Galbraith reports:'My wife and I decided to take a walk. We wenttoanarea known as Cleenish island,a very rural setting with many deserted dwellings nearthe vil iage of Bel nal ec k. We d rove ou r car across the bridge onto the island and drove about a mile further down the twisty narrow road, where we decided to stop and take a walk to where we we re told there was an old graveyard. The area was so quiet and peaceful it mad e f 0 r a I ove ly wai k, eve n t hough it was cold and getting dark. The closer

In the Outback

Little is known about the circumstances in which this photograph was taken, other than that the photographer was a clergyman by the name of the Reverend R. S. Blance. It was taken in 1959 at Coiroboree Rock, Alice Springs, in Australia's Northern Territory. This place was once of great significance to the Aborigines as a cult site and initiation rites may have been performed here. It is now a 'conservation reserve* visited by tourists and hikers.

Not much detail of the ghostly figure can he made out, but what you can see doesn't look much like a Native Australian, so perhaps the ghost is of an early 20th century tourist who strayed off the track and was never seen again (except as a ghost).

Tutbury Street Ghost

= In the street

| Brenda Hay took this photograph in Tutbury, Staffordshire, on

I 4 March 1993. At the left, between the cars, is what appears to be

= a figure in a black cape. Brenda did not notice the figure at the

| time, and it does not appear in the next frame taken seconds later.

= Tutbury has an impressive ruined castle, which can be seen on the

| skyline, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for almost

= twenty years in the 16th century.

= [F;r e n da R ay/Fort e a n Picture Li an a ryi we walked to the graveyard,the more old e mpty houses we passed, the more myself and my wife began to become spooked. It feit like we were not alone. As we passed the house, my w ife c lai ms some on e walked past the window. Although she only caught a gl i mpse, sh e says that s he saw a man wea ri ng c lothes lite From the 19th century period. I walked into the house but could not see anyone.' Ontheirreturntheyhadanotherodd encounter, as MrGalbraith explains: 'We approached the old graveyard and both saw a lady standing amongst the gravestones ruins. As we approached closer, we noticed she toowaswearingwhatlookedtobe clothes from the late rigth Century. She smiled at us and ¡said, "Are you alright?" As I said,this she walked in amo ngst t he tre es a nd d i sappea red. (Source - Fermanagh Herald).

irish white lady: As reported in last month's issue,the curious have been flocking to the Mullaghmoyle Road near Coal is Ian in Northern Ireland foraglimpseofthe'white lady". Fort he last four weeks cars have been lined up nose-to-nose, people arriving armed with cameras and camcorders in the hope of catching a photographic image of the ghost with the sad face. Raymond Bell, who owns a pub nearby in Brackaville, said his 17-year-old son Ryan had not believed in ghosts until he saw the 'woma n' seve ral t i mes. 'My so n says he has seen the shadowy figure on nu merous occas ion s an d oth e rs h ave seen it, too-it is the face of an efderiy ladywearingalongwhitedresswith alongwhite cape," he said. People are still coming in their droves to see her.

They come when it gets dark at about 4.30pm and th ey stay u ntil afte n am. It is only about 400 yards away and I have tried to get down there but there are just too many cars. It is all that anyoneistalkingabout.' (SOURCE THE 'ri i,i<;riai'H>

HAUNTED HIGHWAY: 'It's a stretch of road, up north in Maine that's never ever, ever s ee n a smile...' so goe s th e 1965 so ng A To mbsto ne Every M i le byDickCurless. Route 2, which locals refer to as Haynesville Woods, in Ohio, has long had a sinister reputation

Floating Ghost Orange Cloak ChurchStrange Accidents

for ghosts and strange accidents. A woma n i n wh ite is said to haunt t he highway: she would appearsuddenly in front of a vehicle and ask the driver for a ride, sayi ng s he and h e r h u sban d had just been in a wreck. The woman wou Id, of co u rse, disappear From the veh ic I e sudde n ly, leavi ng th e start led d river with 'a c old and terri b le chil I'. Other witnesses have reported a red flashinglightthatcoinesnearerand n eare r to thei r veh icle, U ntil it tu rne d intoawhitecloudthatthenfollows them along the highway. (Source - MikeConley, The McDowell News).

HITCH-HIKER RETURNS:The ghost of a girl dressed in ashort white dress is supposedly causing the deathsofmotoristsinGuadalajara, Mexico. She has appeared on several highways in the area in the past few years;motorists swerve toavoidthe apparition causingseveral deaths. People in the area believe it is the spirit of a hitch-hike r who was viole nt ly murdered and who has now returned to have her revenge. (PH A NTOMS A N DMONSTERS .COM >.


Mreenal Deshraj, while playingthe part of a ghost in Mumbai, had her ownencounterwiththeunknown. She previously did not believe in the supernatural, until she stayed in the Palace Hotel. At o4,3ohrs she at first heard heavy breathingas though there was someone beside herasleep in the bed. She said:'After sometime the breathing became louder, scan ngthe Bollywood actress who then, in her night clothes, fled the room. The hotel reception staff did not believe her, (Source - India Times).

GHOST SCARES ALIENS: Thecast of Glasgow's Alien Wars are terrified oft he spectre ofayounggirl. As the staff try and scare punters when they are queuing upto pay, they in return are being frightened by the apparition ofa'weegirl'.Show oreato r G ary Gil I i es sa id: 'My guys ca n't do th ei r Jobsbecausethey'rebeingdistracted by th is ghost. A wee gi rl weari ng ol d-fashioned clothes has appeared during the show. She sees the alien and then startsscreamingbluemurderbefore disappearing into thin air again. It's playing havoc withthep reduction. My aliens — who are meant to be i nvi nci b le kill i ng mac h i n es — are squeamish a bout spooks! We're also concerned aboutthe public seeing the ghost d u ring the show—the last U

Derek Stafford Prestbury Church Ghost

Sightings thing I want is for seme body to have a heart attack.' Psychic detectives are beingcalled in to find the cause of the haunting. It is rumoured that a little giri was murdered in the area 200 years ago.

FERRY TOLL PHANTOM: What was believed to bean apparition was spotted in Fife, on Rosyth'sFeny Toll, in early August. The witness who wishes to remain anonymous said: "I saw ayoungish soldier wearing army fatigues with socks and boots as if combat ready and he seemed to betrudgingalong on the pavement He was fairly small-built with short crew-cut hairand I would say around 18-years-old.! registered him but did not take any particular notice. Then, for some reason, I looked into my mirror-the soldier had disappeared, ¡turned round to see occurred on a straight piece of road, there were no turnings off and not enough time for him to turn off and go in another direction.' (Source - Dunfermline Press).

DEAD RINGER: Jen Bowman, landlady of the Prince of Wale; Feathers in Kendal, Cumbria, believes she is haunted byaman in an old photograph that is hangingon the wall of the pub. Many people, including customers, have seen the spectre, wh 0 i s sai d to b e a f rien d ly sou I. j en said the phantom regularly emerge 5 from behind locked doors. The ghost is described as being short, dressed in a shirt and tweed trousers,and said by JenBowmantobe'thedead ringer" for former landlord John Noweil.He has a habit of lifting up the toilet seat to let them know that he is around and turns the television on and off at her request! On oneoccasion when Ms Bowman walked into her bedroom she saw him sitting on the end of her bed as plain as day. She reports: "I was looking down when I went into my room. I saw a pair of shoes moving around the floor. I looked up expecting to see Tom, but it wasn't. I screamed, threw my coat at it and ran off, but he's been seen so many times nowthat itdoesntfaze me at all," (Source - Tiee Westmoreland Gazette: 26th August 2009).

BACK ON THE BEACH: Another photograph on Scotland's Saltcoats beach has come to light, this time seemingly of a male figure who posed for the photograph. Charlene

- The Belmez faces

| The mystery of the Bdmez faces is one of the eeriest in the paranormal literature and has nevei

| been solved satisfactorily. It began on 23 August 197], when Maria Pereira, a peasant woman

| livi»g1,1 the Spanish village of Belmez de la Moraleda, found a face that had apparently been i painted on the kitchen floor. This odd event drew unwanted attention to the family, so six days

| later they dug up the kitchen floor and replaced it with fresh concrete. | But a week later, another face appeared. The face remained for several weeks and slowly

| changed as if i t was aging. The floor was dug up again, and an excavation revealed human bones

= " 111 ^ed out the whole street had been built on an old graveyard. Two more faces appeared on

= lhe new fl<»r, and a professor who came to study them ultimately counted eighteen. He was even

E able to watch a face forming.

Intensive work and analysis by a number of researchers has failed to ascertain how the feces

§ were formed, though inevitably some have suspected a hoax. One possibility is that Maria was a

| psychic (she died in 2004, aged 8s) and the feces were a thoughtographie phenomenon which she

I unintentionally 'thought' into being. The faces continued to appear over a period of thirtv vears

= until she died.

Prestbury Cheltenham Ghosts

The Black Abbot

The village of Prestbury, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, has a reputation for ghosts, one of which is known as (he Black Abbot: a hooded figure in a black cloak said to walk through the churchyard. One lady who had seen the ghost said that it appeared to walk below the current ground level, because the ground in the churchyard had been raised over the centuries.

Photographer Derek Stafford (now deceased) was in the churchyard on the night of 22 November 1990, taking photographs of the floodlit gravestones. He told me that he chose that particular day because it was very foggy and he hoped for some interesting effects. The ghostly Black Abbot showed up on his very last photograph, hut he saw nothing strange at the time. [© Derek StafforivFortean Picture Library]

Wierl nga, who took the photograph, said: "We were down at the beach because some friends of ours had come overwiththeircampervan. We had a bonfire and my partner Scott took a picture of the girls and we didn't notice anything. It wasn't until laterwhen Scott was going through his phone deleting pictures that he came across it again and we thought we could see something. Scott thinks its smoke from the fire butthegrrts and I think it looksa bit like a Scottish soldier.' Several people from the local area have contacted the Ardrossan Herald with similar pictures that feature uninvited guests in the background. (Source - Ardrossan I-Ierald).


Security guard satLiverpool's Croxteth Park have yet again seen the phantom thought to be former resident Hugh William Osbert Molyneaux. The guard said: "I was on ly coveri ng f 0 r som eo n e w ho was off, so don't usually work in the pa rk - it's alia bit spooky." A pictu re described by the Derry Journal as "a g ho ul i sh a p pari t i 0 n" was taken of a 5 had owy figure on the steps of St Coiumb's Cathedral in the Irish Town of Derry, in early September. As usual the snapper only noticed the figure after developing the film and saw nothing atthe time. Spalding Paranormal I nvestigatio ns c laim they have caught the apparition of Catherine Bystockon camera at the former RAF Methenngham near Lincoln, Airwoman Bystock was killed whilst a pillion passenger on her boyfriend's motor-cycle is believed her ghost often frequents the area. She has been reported flagging down motorists In full uniform, as king the drivers to help her injured boyfriend. (Source ■ Liverpool Echo, Derry Journal, Ardrossan Herald, This is Lincolnshire).

CIVIL WAR: Strange things are happening down at Port Columbus National Civil War Naval Museum in

The Guildhall spectre

Profession a J photographer H addon Da vies was undertaking a routine assignment on 22 January 1985, when he went to the medieval St Mary's Guildhall in Coventry to photograph the Coventry Freeman's Guild dinner. He climbed up into the ancient minstrels' gallery and set up his tripod and camera among the suits of armour, swords and pikestaff's. A ten-second exposure was necessary because of the dim lighting in the large hall, so Mr Davies waited until everyone was standing up to say grace before he took his photograph.

Later, when an enlargement was made for the Lord Mayor, a strange figure was noticed at the end of the top table. The Lord Mayor, Walter Brandish, described it as having 'a skull-like face and clothes of armour of mediaeval character'.

Despite much discussion, no one could offer any logical explanation for the figure. Mr Davies checked the photographs he had taken both before and after the chosen picture, but the strange figure was nowhere to be seen. The Lord Mayor had a guest list and was able to account for everyone except the enigmatic visitor, and the people sitting in that area had no recollection of seeing it.

Staff at the 14th-century hall were not surprised by the suggestion that the building might be haunted, however, and, as Mr Davies commented, 'It seems that just as T had felt, the Hall was no place in which to work alone after dark.'

i ' haddok davtes/fortean Pil'Tcre Library!

Alfred Hollidge

A Spectral cat

In June 1974 Alfred Hollidge, of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, took a photograph of his cat Monet. The photograph also showed a ghostly cat, which Monet seems to be looking at. The Hollidges only had one cat, and there was definitely no other eat in the house when the photograph was taken. Sadly Mr Hollidge never saw the photograph, as he died in September 1974 before the prints were viewed, and it was his wife who eventually discovered the image of the apparent ghost cat.

the USA. An invisible something is throwi ng books at visitors and staff alike, one book landing squarely in the back of a bemused patron, who then looked accusingly at a nearby member of staff. Books are landing up to seven feet away from th e i r 0 rig i nal position, sometimes I an di ng sta nd i ng st raight u p righ t. Staff are used to this and say it is a regular occurrence. Bruce Smith, the museum's executive director, said: "We have these continued unexplainable dumping of books on the floor We don't know what the deal is. We've looked, and we can't figure it out We think we've got these things anchored pretty good, and the next thing we know, crash! And there's nobody in the store." (Source - Ledger Enquirer:


TIME TO GOTThe Venetian Theatre and Bistro in Oregon, USA, is haunted bya punter who is reluctant to leave after cl os i ng t i m e. Staff have see n a tai I grey-haired man several times in the back row of th e seats afte r eve ryo ne else has gone. When he is told it is time to go he simple disappears. Staff have heard "unexplained footsteps, lights turning on and off by themselves." Unexplained water leaks have occurred, music playing and onememberofstaffsawagrey/dark mist rush by him and the word'stop' was heard; the staff member went no further.

(Source - oregonlive. com Aucsust 2005».

FAINTSPIRITS: In Japan the word forghost isyurei,translated as faint spirit'and they usually remain in the areawheretheydied.Theirmiiitary establishments seem especially susceptible. The ghost of a marine has been spotted manyti mes at theAtsugi Naval Base wandering aimlessly from room to room. One hangar bay on the base has its doors constantly slammed open and shut, as well as "disembodied redeyes" that float around the building. Military policeat thefield hospital in theSagami Depot are spooked by g host ly f ootste p s a nd 0 bj ects movlngaround when there is no one there. They are also baffled by

lifl^r imvc i

lifl^r imvc i

IS this Lord Combermere?

Sybell Corbet took a photograph of the library in Combermere Abbey, Cheshire, on 5 December 1891, the day of Lord Combermere's funeral, ft is thought to show the ghost of Lord Combermere himself, sitting in his favourite chair, on the left. Miss Corbet said that no one entered the room during the long exposure. She did not see anything untoward herself, but when she developed the glass plate she found the apparent ghost. The figure seems smaller than he should be, and also has no visible legs. Lord Combermere's daughter-in-law said that none of the servants resembled the figure in the chair, but all his children were convinced it was Lord Combermere.

the doors and windows that have the ability to unlock and open by themselves.

At room 301 in the Iwakuni Barracks soldiers are terrified by the ghostly face of a man who stares back at is believed the phantom is of a man who broke a mirror in a fit of rage, then used th e broke n glass to slit his wrists

At Camp Hansen, Okinawa, World War 2 soldier covered in blood appears at Gate 3. The gate has now been closed because of this. The ghost of a Samurai warrior haunts the Yokusha Naval Base and has caused several accidents when seen by shocked motorists. The list goes on, but perhaps the most chilling of all is the voices in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that can be heard at twilight screaming for helpl (Source - Weird Asia August 2009).

NIGHT VISITOR: Inthesmall village of Kilmaurs on the outskirts of KiImarnock, Scotland, a mi d d I e-aged couple are experiencing odd sensationsthat are seemingly on the increase. At first they put it down to imagination, but now they are not so sure.lnadditionto doors opening and shutting by themselves and unexplained bangs in the night, phenomenaincludeobjects being moved from room to room, the strong smell of cigarette smoke and gusts of wind passing by them while they're sitting in the lounge. The most disturbing is hearing the crunch, crunch on the gravel as though someone is walking by the side of the house, hearing the back door open and close and footsteps on the stairs; nooneiseverfound and all doors are securely locked. (Source - Mark Fraser ECTBOctobf.R 2009).

KING OF ALL WITCHES: Witch Magus Lynius Shadee claims he has conjured up a demon to prey on the congregation at the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Hills Road, Cambridge, Magus, who claims to be the king of all witches, claims to have summoned the evil spirit to reside in the church and 'cleanse it'. He said:'It's an elemental, a hunter that will attach itself to an Individual, either send them insane or make them depressed. The worst is to cause them to take their physical life.' FrDickHealey called Shadee twisted _ and added:'He should be reported U

Shadee Wells

Sightings to the police. It's as if someone came into your home and performed somesort of magictrick without your permission. He's obviously a bit twisted to perform witchcraft in a church. We will not be performingan exorcism, but I will consider reporting himtothe police.'

(SOURCE - Cambridge News: October 2009).

THE ENCHANTED FOREST: Sarah MacKessy filmed her baby while on a visit to the Enchanted Forest Nature Reserve in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and thought nothing more of it until she played it back laterafter returning home. As her baby stares at the screen a voice is clearly heard saying 'I'm alive.' Mrs Mac Kessy said: 'The only people around atthe time were my partner and the two children, who were about 10ft from me. All theother members of the public had go ne as i t was n early dos i ng t i m e. T h e ghostly voice sounds as though it is directly next to me and is very loud and clear on the video.'You can view thevideo at http^/www. so (ih 0 me page/n ews/a rt i d 22657764. ece#lxzzoTeZzlfLx (Source - The Sun 28m September 2009).

FOOTSTEPS: Karen Griffiths, curator of the Howard County Museum, USA, knows thesounds an old building can make after everyone has gone home, but it is the footsteps that she has heard on many occasions that still perplex her She said:'I have never felt afraid, really. But I will hear a strange noise now and then and it

His dead pet?

This family group, of a lady and her two children, was photographed at Clarens, Switzerland, in August 1925. The boy is seen with a toy animal in his left hand. His right hand is held against his midriff hut appears to he enclosing a white kitten whose face is quite clear. In fact, there was no kitten present at the time. However, some weeks before the photograph was taken, the family had owned a white kitten that had died after being mauled by a dog. Was the tiny animal still keeping its young owner company, but in incorporeal form?

surprises me more than it scares me. I still hear the footsteps now and then;! dontlike to be the last one around to close up.'No one is ever found when she investigates the empty building. Cool blasts of air rushing by her and her printer often turning itself on of its own accord are other things that make Ms Griffiths feel she is not alone. A recent nighfs investigation by Colin McGuinn of the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society did not produce any evidence for a hauntingwhile they were In attendance, however. (Source -,

DOGS TAKE THE LEAD: Forthe past three years Tom and Deborah Weaver, of Cleveland, Ohio, home claim to have been 'visited by spirits on an almost daily basis'.Tom Weaver said: 'It seemed to start with one spirit, and then progressed to the point where we identified seven of them. Our dogs were the first to notice that something strange was going on in our living room. I was really sceptical, and I really didn't want to believe in any of this. But after enough stuff happened to me, I had to adm i t th at so m eth i ng ve ry spe cial is going on here.'Deborah continues:'It started with our dog Trouble, barking and chasing something we couldn't see in the living room. We actually took her to the vet because she was acting so strangely. She would start to stare into space and start pawing at something that we could n't see/Then the cou pie began seeing and hearing unexplainable th ings in the living room and hallway. LauraTemplin, Deborah's sister, was an unbeliever until an u nseen someone touched her head and shoulders. She ran out of the house. (Source - 7th October 2009).


The Vi ctory Bar at 11BE Sixth Street in Tucson, Arizona, is now called Gooch'5 Grill, but all patrons know of the ghost that lurks in the rooms whatever the sign says outside the door. After closing time 'bottle caps are flicked by u n se e n f i nge rs, t he swi ngi ng saloo n-style doors that lead up to the second floor office will swi ng back and forth for no apparent reason [and] lights turnofforonbythemselves.The ghostly figure of a woman is also sometimes seen and crying can often be heard. Although the ghost is well known throughout the area, no one knows its identity, although the , present owner, LonWirtz, believes I

Tara and Kathal

Lady Hehir was photographed while taking her wolfhound Tara for a walk in 1926 . When she saw the photograph, Lady Hehir saw that Tara appeared to have the head of another dog on her rear end, and recognised it as the head of a Cairn terrier puppy she had recently owned. The puppy, named Kathal, had died six weeks before this photograph was taken. Lady Hehir said that Tara and Kathal had been inseparable, eating, playing and walking together. The place where the photograph was taken had been a favourite spot to walk the dogs. Had Kathal returned from Puppy Heaven to enjoy another w alk with his best friend?

Angelic apparition

Silvio Mayer started bending metal using only psychokinesis after seeing Uri Geller doing this on the television in 1974- He lived in Switzerland, and one day after the death of his mother in 1978, he went for a walk in the woods and saw a luminous ball. He photographed it, and in the pieture it appeared as a yellow circle with a luminous angel-like figure inside it.

1© On Elmak R. Gbuber/Fortean Pictuhe Library]

that a woman had been raped and murdered on the spot where the establishment now stands. (Source - tucson citizen, com 4th October 2009).


Six mem be rs of staff attheThorpe Parle theme park In Surrey have been suspended for conducting a late night seance with a Ouija board on the horrorthemed ride,the Saw,since then paranormal events have occurred on the ride. Staff and punters alike began reporting extreme drops in temperature, lights being turned on and off, and the special effects starting up by themselves. Even the sound of ghostly footfall s we re heard when no one was present. A spokesman said: 'On the eve n ing of Mon day, Octobers, an unauthorised Ouija Board session was conductedbysix employees at the ride after it was closed to the public. A full investigation is under way and the six employees have been suspended pendingthe outcome of this enqu iry. We ta ke staff andguestfeedback ve ry se riouslyand forthis reason we called in Rev Lionel Fanthorpe, a leading paranormal expert, to help us i nve stigate repo rts that h ave arisen from this situation.' (SOUHCE - THE SUN: I$TH October 2009).

GHOST UK: Paranormal group Ghost UK claim they have caught ghostly i mages oncameraafteran investigation at the Chequers Country Inn.lnLeicestershlre.Alsoa'mysterious banging noise1 can be heard. (SotiRCE - Har borough Mail: October s009).

VIL LAGE TERROR: £ erie screams, a mu rder, and a d Istovery of a ske leton haveleftvillagesinKampung Malaysia living in terror. On t he 6th of October a woman was discovered murdered inherhouseandthebodywasleftin abagundertheslnk (herson Is the chief suspect).Thenaskeleton was found in a we 11. Si nee th en the vl llagers have been sufferingfrom the 'heebie jeebies'. Rokiah Sarumin said: Initially my ne Igh bour asked me whether I heard screamsat night butljust dismissed itasajoke. However,! then heard the screams. Salmah Hanim said I

The Brown Lady Raynham Hall

The Brown Lady

Raynham Hall is a 17th-century mansion in Norfolk, said to be haunted by the Brown Lady, identified as Dorothy Walpole, who became Lady Town she nd and died in 1729. The ghost was known as the Brown Lady because in her portrait Lady Dorothy wore a brown dress.

In 1936 she may have been captured on film by two photographers working at the hall. They had taken a number of pictures when they came to the staircase. Then, as Indre Shira later wrote: 'Captain Provand took one photograph while I flashed the light. He was focusing for another exposure: I was standing by his side just behind the camera with the flashlight pistol in my hand, looking directly up the staircase. All at once I detected an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. Rather excitedly I called out sharply: "Quick, quick, there's something," I pressed the trigger of the flashlight pistol. After the flash and on closing the shutter, Captain Provand removed the focusing cloth from his head, and turning to me said, "What's ali the excitement about?"'

The Captain, on being told that there had been a ghost on the stair, offered to bet £5 that there would be nothing on the negative. The two men argued all the way back to London, and asked a friend to watch while the film was developed. They were adamant that the negative had not been interfered with in any way, and that they had genuinely photographed a ghost. The arguments for and against this being the case have continued ever since.

Among the flames

On 19 November 1995 the town hall in Wem, Shropshire, was destroyed by fire, an event watched from a safe distance by Tony O'Rahilly, a local amateur photographer (sadly now deceased).

Mr O'RahUty took some photographs of the blaze, which he later developed at home, and when he printed them he was surprised to see the figure of what appears to be a young girl in one of the pictures. She is standing in the doorway of the fire escape, surrounded by smoke and flames. No living person could have been standing there, because it was too dangerous, and the fire-fighters were keeping ijeople away. She appears to have long hair, and to be wearing an old-fashioned bonnet.

One suggestion is that she was the ghost of a young girl who accidentally started a fire in Wem in 1677. She knocked over a lighted candle in the thatched cottage where she lived, and the fire spread rapidly through the town. Another suggestion is that the burning timbers just happened to look like a girl's face ~ but it is interesting that workmen who were working in the town hall after the fire claimed to have seen a ghost there.

So the story has run for the last 15 years... In 2010 the mystery was said to have been solved, when someone noted that a photograph taken in Wem in 1922 showed a girl looking very similar to the 'ghost' in the 1995 photograph. Did Tony O'Rahilly create his 'ghost' photograph by inserting the 1922 girl into his photograph of the Wem blaze? Sadly we cannot ask him, but before his death he did deny faking the image. It is possible, of course, that his photograph does show a genuine ghost - of the girl from 1922.

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