Your Photonet Portfolio

When you join, you create a portfolio, which serves as your online photo repository, personal information file, and launching pad to the online community. It includes:

• Folders . Your folders hold the photos that you upload.

Presentations . You can copy photos from your folder into presentations that you share with other members. If other members create presentations and send them to you, then you'll find them in your portfolio.

• Your photo equipment . This listing makes it easier to add camera and equipment information to your photos as you submit them.

Tip: Using to keep track of purchase dates and serial numbers can come in handy if your equipment ever disappears.

Figure 14-12. Browsing's forums is like eavesdropping in a camera store. Photographers expound on lighting techniques, favorite processing labs, famous photographers, recommended books, and equipment. But the heart and soul of the site are the galleries where photographers share and critique each other's photos. gives you many ways to customize your portfolio to match your needs. For example, if you view or critique a photo, you can then ask to send you alerts when other people comment on the same photo.

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