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Emailing photos from Elements has one fairly obnoxious drawback: At the bottom of every message you send is an ad hawking Elements.

Don't want to be in the advertising business? To get rid of Adobe's ads, you can select and delete them like any other text...but that gets old after about the third time.

To eliminate ads from all future Elements emails, browse to C:\Program Files\Adobe\ Photoshop Elements 4.0\shared_assets\locales\en_us\email\signatures. Inside the signatures folder you'll find a bunch of files. Open them in a text editor (such as Notepad), and remove the advertising lines. Your mail is ad free, now and forever.

Note: If a window pops up asking you to choose an email program, select either Outlook or Outlook Express. If you use another email program, pick "Save to Hard Disk and Attach File(s) Yourself." Then follow Elements' instructions for attaching files to your own email program.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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