Workaround Workshop Economical Print Experiments

If you've just gone out and bought top-quality photo paper, you may be suffering from a bit of sticker shock and perhaps even thinking, "Oh yeah, great. Now I'm supposed to use this stuff experimenting? At that price?"

The good news is, while you'll have to bite the bullet and sacrifice a sheet or two, you don't need to waste the whole box. Instead, try this: make a small selection somewhere in a photo you want to print, press Ctrl+C and go to File —) New from Clipboard. You get a new file with only a small piece of your photo in ityour test print.

In Print Preview, turn off the Center Image checkbox and drag your small photo to the upper-left corner of the page. Run the page through your printer using Elements' standard settings. When your print looks good, you're ready to print the whole photo.

On the other hand, if you don't like the result, then press Ctrl+P to bring up Print Preview again. This time, move your test strip over to the right a little bit. Change your settings (taking notes on the changes you've made) and print again on the same piece of paper. Your new test prints out beside the first strip. Keep moving the test area around on the page, and you can try out quite a few different combinations of settings, all on the same sheet of paper.

One word of caution: Make sure the print is completely dry (especially with glossy paper) before running it through the printer again. Otherwise you risk transferring ink to the printer's feed rollers and possibly ruining a subsequent print.

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