Using the Color sliders

If you want to adjust the colors in your photo without changing the brightness, then check out the Color sliders. For example, your digital camera may produce colors that don't quite match what you saw when you took the picture, or you may have scanned an old print that's faded or discolored, or you may want to change the colors in a photo just for the heck of it. If so, the sliders below the Auto Color button are for you.

You get four ways to adjust your colors here:

• Saturation controls the intensity of the color in your photo. For example, you can turn a color photo to black and white by moving the slider all the way to the left. Move it too far to the right and everything glows with so much color that it looks radioactive.

• Hue changes the color from, say, red to blue or green. If you aren't looking for realism, you can have some fun with your photos by really pushing this slider to create funky color changes.

• Temperature lets you adjust color from cool (bluish) on the left to warm (orange-ish) on the right. Use Temperature for things like toning down the warm glow you see in photos taken in tungsten lighting, or just for fine-tuning your color balance.

• Tint adjusts the green/magenta balance of your photo, as shown in Figure 11-9.

You probably won't use all these sliders on a single photo, but you can use as many of them as you like. Remember to click the checkmark that appears in the Color palette if you want to accept your changes. Chapter 12 has much more information about how to use the full-blown Editor in Elements to really fine-tune your image's color.

Tip: When you look at the color of the slider's track, it shows you what happens if you move in that direction. So there's less and less color as you go left in the Saturation track, and more and more color to the right. Looking at the tracks can help you know where you want to move the slider.



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