Using Tags and Categories to Find Photos

Of course, when you're looking for a particular picture, you can use all the previously listed ways to find photos (viewing by date, for example) and just keep clicking through groups of photos until you find the one you want. But searching by tags and categories is the easiest way to find a particular photo. Elements gives you two main ways to conduct these searches:

• Organize bin. Click the empty square next to a tag or category, and Elements finds all the photos associated with those tags and categories. (A pair of binoculars appears inside the square to indicate it's being used to search for photos.) Click as many tags and categories as you want, and Elements searches for them all.

You can exclude a tag from a search by right-clicking the tag's name and, in the menu, choosing to exclude it. So you could search for photos with the tags "sports" and "rock-climbing," but not "broken leg," for instance.

• Search bar. The Organizer's Search bar gives you another way to perform a tag search. Figure 8-6 shows how to use it.

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