Use Favorites to single out special photos

EasyShare's Favorites feature (Right-click —+ Tag as Favorite) is a great way to make certain photos stand out from the crowd without cooping them up in a separate album.

To designate a photo as a Favorite, right-click it and choose "Tag as Favorite" from the shortcut menu (or click the heart button that appears in some views). Once your photos sport the favorites tag, you can find them in the My Favorites collection or use Sort —* By Favorites to move your tagged photos to the top of your albums and collections. You can also spot favorites by the little heart icon on the photo's thumbnail.

Tip: Most people use the Favorites tag to mark their best shots, but it can mean anything you want: "photos taken with my new Nikon" or "photos to email the next time I'm online," for example. The important thing is to remember why you're singling out these photos.

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