Use captions to identify and sort photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a few choice words can help you find and identify your pictures in EasyShare. To add a caption to a selected photo, choose File —> Properties and type it in the Caption box (Figure 5-10 ); or you can add a caption simply by clicking underneath the thumbnail and entering text. When you add captions, use distinct and descriptive words. For example, instead of "mom and her pups," a caption like, "Campbell and her pups Lola, Goose, and Max" will help you remember, ten years from now, which litter of pups you're looking at.

EasyShare lets you sort photos by their captions (Sort —i* By Caption), giving you another way to find photos when you need them. For example, if every photo with Amy has a caption like "Amy Stinson Beach" or "Amy Napa Vineyard," you can easily gather up all your Amy photos with a quick alphabetical sort.

Figure 5-10. EasyShare's Properties box (File —> Properties) contains some of the same photo details that you find in Windows' Properties box. In the Caption field, you can type notes to yourself or words to help you sort the photos alphabetically.



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