Up To Speed Selecting Multiple Photos

Before you print, edit, email, move or do almost anything with a photo, you need to select it. And for tasks like moving pictures to a new folder or burning them to a CD, you usually want to select more than one. Most people select multiple items by dragging to highlight them, but selecting by keyboard is often faster than grabbing the mouse.

Once you learn the following timesaving selection tricks, you'll find they work in just about every Windows program:

• To select all photos in a folder . Press Ctrl+A. If you're a menu type, choosing Edit —t Select All does the same thing.

• To select consecutive photos . Click the first image you want to select. Then press Shift as you click the last image in the sequence. Shift-clicking highlights the first and last photos and all photos in between, making it ideal for List view windows.

• To select random photos . Even if photos aren't next to each other, you can still work with them as a group: Just use Ctrl instead of Shift. Select an image and then, while pressing Ctrl, click individual images to add them to the selection. In fact, no matter which selection technique you use, the Ctrl key acts as a toggle switch. Ctrl+click any unselected photo to add it to a selection or Ctrl+click a selected photo to remove it.

• To exclude photos from a selection . Sometimes it's easier to select a couple of images and then tell Windows, "I want to select everything except these." In that case, select the images you want to exclude using one of the techniques above, and then choose Edit —* Invert Selection.

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