Up To Speed Printing Other Peoples Online Photos

When you upload photos to Web sites like EasyShare, Shutterfly, and Snapfish, you can make your online albums available to as many people as you wish (as long as they have Internet access, that is). When you share photos online, distance is no object. If your family lives in sunny California and the grandparents are back East, Grandma can oogle your latest baby pics online the day you shoot themand order prints of her favorites. As described in "Sharing Your Photos Online" (Chapter 14), you set up your online albums and email invitations to folks you want to share them with.

Now put yourself in Grandma's sensible shoes for a moment. Here's how to look at, and order prints from, an online album someone shares with you. You get an email inviting you to view the pictures. In the email message, you'll find a link to the online album. Click it.

In your Web browser, a window displays the shared pictures, usually in the form of thumbnails. Look for a button that says "Order Prints!" or words to that effect. (These sites stay in business by selling prints, so they don't make it hard to find.)

When you click the Order Prints button, the photo sharing Web site usually asks you to type your email address and a password, if you didn't do so when you first entered the site. (The site wants you to create a free account, so it can send you free prints, special offers, and other junk mail. When you come back to the Web site and enter your password, you can see your recently viewed and favorite pictures, check on the status of your print order, and so on.) Once your account is set up, it's simply a matter of selecting the photos you want to print and providing shipping and billing information, as described on these pages.


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