The Quick Fix Control Panel

The Control Panel, on the right side of the Quick Fix window, is where you make most of your adjustments. Elements helpfully arranges everything into four palettesGeneral Fixes, Lighting, Color, and Sharpenlisted in the order you typically use them. In most cases, it makes sense to start at the top and work your way down until you get the results you want. (See Section 11.2 for more suggestions on what order to work in.)

The Control Panel always fills the right side of the Quick Fix screen. There's no way to hide it, but you can expand and collapse the panels, as explained in Figure 11-2 .

Note: If you go into Quick Fix mode before you open a photo, you won't see the pointers in the sliders, just empty tracks. Don't worrythey'll automatically appear as soon as you open a photo and give them something to work on.

Figure 11-2. Clicking any of these triangles collapses or expands that section of the Control Panel. If you have a small monitor and you're bothered by the way the Sharpen slider (not shown here) scrapes the bottom of the window, then close one of the upper sections to bring the Sharpen slider up onto your screen when you need to reach it.




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