Sharing Photos with Shutterfly Express

Shutterfly ( ) gives you a few ways to share photos. You can take the conventional routechoosing photos to share and emailing invitations using the Shutterfly Web sitewhich works much like EasyShare and Snapfish, as described elsewhere in this chapter. Or you can do it the easy way: Share your photos at the same time you're uploading them using the Shutterfly Express program on your PC (Figure 14-5 ).

Note: At this writing, Shutterfly was testing out a new programcurrently saddled with the ungainly name "Shutterfly Photo Organization Client"that will eventually replace Shutterfly Express. The new program will help you with much more than simply uploading and sharing photos: You'll be able to edit and organize your photos right on your PC.

Last but not least, you can also share your photos using Shutterfly's Collections , which are a little different than anything EasyShare or Snapfish offers. Collections are collaborative photo albums which get their own unique Web address like You get to create the namethe "Brad- AndAngelinapix" part in the example. Visitors don't have to be Shutterfly members to see your photos, but if they are, they can log in and then add their own pictures, leave comments, and buy prints. You can use Collections for anything from sharing photos with family to working on a project with colleagues.

Figure 14-5. Shutterfly Express streamlines the process of uploading and sharing your photos by combining the two tasks. For instructions on installing this optional and freesoftware on your PC, see Section 6.5.2 .

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