Sharing a Slideshow

EasyShare lets you send invitations when you first create a slideshow. If you don't send your invites right away, Gallery keeps your slideshow until you log off; so you can go and buy prints or view your albums. When you want to send out invites for your slideshow, just click the Share Photos tab and you'll see your slideshow ready to go. But if you leave EasyShare Gallery and come back, you'll have to start over from scratch.

The first time you send someone an invitation, you must type a full email address. But you can save keystrokes and brain cells by adding invitees to your EasyShare address book. In the future, you can invite them simply by choosing their names. You can also combine folks in your address book into groups for even greater time-savings. For example, you might put your twelve brothers and sisters in a group called "Siblings." Then just choose the Siblings group to invite the whole clan.

Follow these steps to create and email invitations:

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