Scrolling Through the Lightbox

At most, the Lightbox shows only a few dozen thumbnails at a time; to see more, you need to scroll. Picasa's scroll bar (Figure 5-12 ) works differently from the standard Windows scroll bar. In the middle of the scroll bar is a single button with arrows pointing up and down. Drag the button, and the Lightbox scrolls through your photos. The farther you drag the button away from the center, the faster the thumbnails scroll by. When you release the button, it snaps back to the middle as though it's spring loaded, and the thumbnails stop moving.

Picasa also has navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the scroll bar. The button that looks like an arrow scrolls the thumbnails a row at a time, while the button that looks like an equals sign scrolls the thumbnails a folder at a time.

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Photoshop Secrets

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