Scene Effects

Scene Effects each change a photo's overall appearance with a single click. Unlike Picasa and Elements, EasyShare doesn't give you any settings to tinker with.

• No Effect exists primarily to cancel out any effect you've already added.

• Black and White makes your color photo black and white. Technically, this effect translates the image's color information into grayscale.

• Sepia Tone makes your photo look like an old-fashioned daguerreotype. It does the same thing as the Black and White effect, but gives the photo a brown tint.

• Forest brightens and enhances the greens in the image, giving plants and foliage a richer appearance. It's designed to enhance nature shots, but you can use it on any photo.

• Scenic is similar to the Forest effect above. It enhances specific colors in your photos. For example, Scenic darkens and enhances the sky, while lightening the greens and foliage in the photo.

• Portrait warms up the photo and provides a soft, pleasant look.

• Sunset is known among photographers as the "golden hour" because of the beautiful quality of the light. The Sunset effect simulates that look by warming up the colors in the photo, giving your photo the golden look of a sunset. (The other important feature of the golden hour is the angle of the sunlight, but that's not something EasyShare can recreate.)

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Photoshop Secrets

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