Right Click Shortcuts for Photo Files

The right mouse button is a powerful thing. When you right-click almost anywhere on the screen, a little menu pops up next to your cursor. This shortcut menu is full of options relating to the item you right-clicked. (That's why some folks call it the contextual menu.)

Handy shortcuts for photos include:

• To open the full-size photo in Windows Fax and Picture Viewer, right-click a photo, or its thumbnail, in Thumbnails or Filmstrip view (View —* Filmstrip) and choose Preview.

• Select a bunch of photos, right-click any one of them, and the shortcut commands apply to the entire group. This trick is a great way to copy, move, delete, or print several photos en masse. (See the box " Selecting Multiple Photos" in Section 5.1.4 for a refresher on grabbing a bunch of photos at once.)

• To use a photo as desktop wallpaper (background), right-click the photo and choose Set as Desktop Background.

• If you've installed any other image editing software, it may add some commands of its own to the shortcut menu as well.

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