Resampling means changing the number of pixels in an image. When you resample, your results are permanent, so you want to avoid resampling an original photo if you can help it. As a rule, it's easier to get good results when you downsample , that is, make your photo smaller, than when you upsample , which you do when you want to make your photo larger.

When you upsample, you're adding pixels to your image. Elements has to get them from somewhereso it makes them up. All things considered, Elements is pretty good at filling in the blanks, but these pixels are never as good as the pixels that were in your photo to begin with, as you can see from Figure 10-18 . You can download the photo file (russian_box.jpg) from the "Missing CD" page at if you'd like to try resampling for yourself. Zoom in very closely so you can see the pixels.

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