Removing and Deleting Photos

To EasyShare, removing photos and deleting photos are two distinct operations. Removing a photo from an album (Albums "—* Remove from Album) merely means it no longer appears in that album. It leaves the original image file on your hard drive untouched. Deleting a photo in EasyShare, though, deletes it from your computeractually placing it in the Windows Recycle bin.

With that consideration in mind, here's a rundown of EasyShare's commands:

• To remove a photo . Select the photo and choose Albums —f Remove from Album, or right-click it and choose Remove from Album from the shortcut menu. The photo disappears from the current album, but any copies in other albums remain. (To remove multiple photos, simply select them all first.)

• To remove a photo from all of your albums . Select the photo and choose File *—* Remove from Collection. This command removes every instance of the photo from EasyShare. If you want it back later, you have to click Add Pictures and start over.

• To delete a photo from your computer . Select the photo and choose File —> Delete (or just press the Delete key). This command is the exact same thing as deleting a file in Windows.

Tip: You can also right-click selected photos and choose any of these commands from the shortcut menu.

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