Refining your search

Because Picasa uses such a broad range of properties for its searches, your results may include too many photos. For example, you may wish you could search for "baby" only when it appears in keywords, not captions or folder names. Unfortunately, Picasa doesn't give you a way to limit searches to certain properties. With experience, you can find ways to increase the odds of finding the photos you want (and filter out the photos you don't). Here are some techniques to help you refine your searches (Figure 5-21 ):

• Enter one or more words in the Search text box . The Search text box is always in the upper-right corner of the Library View window. You can enter more than one word but be aware that Picasa doesn't search for phrases . The search tool considers each word separately and finds photos whose properties contain both words.

• Have a Keyword strategy . Keywords are a powerful ally when you search, and they work even better if you develop a strategy that matches your photo library. For example, if you're a wedding photographer, you may want to use the couple's last names and first initial as keywords: jonesb and smithj . (Picasa doesn't let you use spaces or punctuation in keywords.) If you collect car photos, you might use keywords like chevycorvette and porscheboxster . Meaningful, distinctive keywords are the goal.

• Use the Date Range slider to target more recent photos . Drag the Date Range slider control from All to Newest, and you reduce the number of photos included in the search. As you drag, Picasa shows you the date range above the slider: "Pictures up to 9 weeks old," for example. The slider only works one wayyou can't exclude your newer photos and find only the older ones.

• Refine your search with the Star button . Click the Star button to the left of the Date Range slider, if you want to limit your search to starred photos (Section ). For example, if you use a star to tag your favorite photos, the search tool shows only your best shots.

Figure 5-21. When you're searching for a particular image, you can speed up the process by limiting the search as much as possible. For example, if you're looking for a photo you took last week, use Picasa's Date Range slider to exclude older files from the search. The star button limits the search to photos that you've starred (Section ).

Date Range Search Slider

Note: This book is about digital photography, but Picasa keeps track of video files, too. If you're looking for a digital video file, click the Movies button to limit the search to movies instead of photos.




Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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