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Table 6-1. Online photo-storage and sharing services compared





To use EasyShare Gallery, you need to set up an online account. Surf to . On the main page's upper-left, click the Get Started button. When the Welcome screen appears, type your name, email address, and password, turn on the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service, and then click the Join Now button.

Note: The first time you upload photos with your browser, the EasyShare Gallery may advise you that you need to install an ActiveX browser plug-in. Click Install to accept this chunk of helper software. You need to install the plug-in only once for each computer that you use for sending photos. If you can't install the plug-in (like when you're on a public computer), then you have to settle for uploading photos one at a time.

Here's how to upload photos to your EasyShare Gallery using a Web browser.

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