Power Users Clinic Other Red Eye Fixes

The Red Eye tool does a great job most of the time, but it doesn't always work and it doesn't work on animals' eyes (which actually end up looking green in many photos). Elements gives you a couple of other ways you can fix red eye that work in almost any situation. Here's one:

1. From the Editor, zoom way, way in on the eye. You want to be able to see the individual pixels.

2. Use the Eyedropper tool (fourth from the top in the toolbox) to sample the color from a good area of the eye, or from another photo.

3. From the Toolbox, get out the Pencil tool (nested with the Brush tool) and set its size to 1 pixel.

4. Now click in the bad or empty pixels of the eye to replace the color with the correct shade. Remember to leave a couple of white pixels for a catchlight.

This solution works even if the eye is blown out (that is, all white with no color information left).

Watch the image as you move the slider to the right. If your computer is slow, there's a certain amount of lag time, so go slowly to give it a chance to catch up. If you happen to overdo it, sometimes it's easier to press the Reset button above your image and start again. Figure 11-6 explains how to use the checkmark and the cancel button (which appear next to the General Fixes label) to accept or reject your changes.

Tip: Usually you get better results with a lot of little nudges to the Smart Fix slider than by moving it way over in one direction.

Sometimes Smart Fix just isn't smart enough to do everything you want it to do, and sometimes it does things you don't want it to do to your photos. The Smart Fix is better with photos that are underexposed than photos that are overexposed, for one thing. Fortunately, you still have several other editing choices to try, and they're covered in the following sections. If you don't like what Smart Fix has done to your photo, then undo it before going on to make other changes.

Note: In the Standard Editor, you can find the Smart Fix commands in the Enhance Menu: Enhance "—^ Auto Smart Fix (Ctrl+M), and Enhance ^^ Adjust Smart Fix (Ctrl+Shift+M). In the Organizer, select a photo and choose Edit ^^ Auto Smart Fix (Ctrl+Alt+M), or right-click it and choose Auto Smart Fix from the shortcut menu.


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