Photo mail options

Elements gives you a ton of options for gussying up your photos if you choose Photo Mail (HTML). When you send Photo mail, your message gets formatted using an HTML-based template , a stationery design in which your photo appears. (HTML is the coding language used to create Web pages.)

When you select Photo Mail, you see the estimated download time for the worstcase scenarioa dial-up modem. Use this information to determine if your email's reasonably sized. You can choose whether to display your photos' captions, and below that, you can edit the standard "Here are the photos I want to share with you" text. Once you've finished your work here, click Next and you see the Stationery & Layouts wizard, where you're presented with a long list of stationery theme categories (Animals, Fun Stuff, and so on). When you find a style you likethe preview window updates as you click through different choicesclick Next Step.

In the Customize window, you can change the size of your photo(s) if you wish. If you're mailing more than one photo, you have a choice of several different page layouts. Below the layouts, you can choose a typeface (from a list of five common fonts). Click the box to the right of the font name to choose a color for the text. If you've chosen a frame style that leaves empty space around the photo, then you can customize the background color of your email. For some styles, you can adjust the padding (the mat-like space between the photo and the frame) and the frame size. Each time you make a change in the left pane of the window, Elements updates the preview so you can see just what you're getting.

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