Paper quality

When you choose good photo paper, you get much sharper printouts, more vivid colors, and results that look and feel like actual photographic prints. Glossy photo paper, for example, might run $25 for a box of 50 sheets, which means you'll be spending about 50 cents for an 8 x 10 printnot including ink. Even so, at sizes over 4 x 6 or so, making your own printouts is still less expensive than getting prints from the drugstore (even when you factor in the cost of ink cartridges).

Most printers accommodate at least five different grades of paper. Among them:

• Plain. The paper used in most photocopiers.

• High Resolution. A slightly heavier inkjet papernot glossy, but with a silky-smooth white finish on one side for printing photographs and other images.

• Glossy Photo. A stiff, glossy stock that resembles the paper that photo-developing labs use.

• Gloss Film. Made of polyethylene rather than paper, this stock feels the most like traditional photographic paper. It's also the most expensive option for home prints.

Tip: To save money and avoid wasting your high-quality photo paper, use plain inkjet paper for test prints. When you're sure you've got the composition, color balance, and resolution of your photo just right, load up your expensive glossy photo paper for the final printouts.

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