• Photos . This page displays thumbnails representing each album in your photo library. Click an album to see the photos inside. It's the launch pad for most of your uploading, organizing, editing, and sharing (Section 14.4 ).

• Store . Here's where you find all the options for turning your photos into merchandise, including, yes, baby blankets and diaper bags. (See Part 4 of this book.)

• Account . This tab lets you review past orders and tweak your delivery and credit card information. You can also create email lists so, for example, you can send baby pictures to your entire family. Ordering photos within a Snapfish album

Rearranging the order of your photos is pretty easy, as you can see in Figure 6-15 . Click a photo and drag it to a new location. An arrow appears above the little photo icon when you're in position. Release the mouse button, and the photos rearrange themselves.

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