Organization Station Contact Book Tips

Elements saves you time by storing the addresses of people you regularly email. When you're creating an email in the Organizer, click the Edit Contacts button (shown in Figure 15-5 ) to add folks to your Contact Book. In the Photo Browser or Date View, choose Edit —►Contact Book, and then click New Contact.

But why type individual names and addresses when you probably already have that information in your regularly scheduled email program? Elements lets you import contact information from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Actually, you can import contacts from any program as long as you save them in V-card format (a popular standard for digitally storing business card information).

In the Contact Book window, click Import, and then choose your source.

You can also create groups of names in the Contact Book, for times when you want to send the same photo to several people at once. For example, you can make a group for all the members of your Bunko club. Then when you email the photo of each month's proud winner, you simply select one name (the group name) instead of 11 individuals. Click New Group, give the group a name, and then select entries from your Contact Book and click Add. People you add show up in the group's Members list. (To remove a name from the group, select it in the Members list and then click Remove.)

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