Navigating the Styles and Effects Palette

If you're more comfortable with visual clues, you can also find most filters in the Styles and Effects palette (Figure 13-10 ). You'll see a little pull-down menu on the left side. Choose Filters there, and then you can use the menu on the right to limit your viewing options to filters in any particular category, if you like. The categories are the same ones you see in the Filter menu.

Figure 13-10. The Styles and Effects palette gives you a preview of what every filter looks like when applied to the same picture of a green apple. If you know what you want a filter to do but don't know what name to look for, scrolling through these thumbnail images should help you find the one you want.

To apply a filter from the palette, double-click its thumbnail. If the filter has settings, you get the same dialog box or Filter Gallery you'd see if you'd applied the filter from the Filter menu, as described earlier.

Note: One small drawback to applying filters from the palette is that you can't tell from the thumbnail whether a filter is one that applies automatically. Unlike the Filter menu, there's no clue like the ellipsis (...) to tell you which group a filter falls into.

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