Navigating Shutterflys Online Tools

Once you've uploaded your photos, finding your way around Shutterfly is easy. Tabs at the top of the page divide the site into major activities (Figure 6-11 ):

• Add pictures . In Shutterfly, you have to choose an album (or create a new one) before you can add pictures. This screen lets you choose from a pop-up menu of all your existing albums, or type a new album name.

• View & enhance . This page displays thumbnails representing each album in your photo library. Click an album to see the photos inside. The commands at left give you quick access to all of Shutterfly's handy tools for organizing and photo editing.

• Share online . You can do things like add captions to your photos so your family and friends know what they're looking at, or add photos to shared albums (Section 14.3 ).

• Order prints . Here's where you choose shots for printing, specify sizes and quantities, and submit your order (Section 16.8 ). If you're eligible for any free introductory prints or special offers, then you see them on this page, too.

• Shutterfly Store If you dig online shopping almost as much as you love taking pictures, then hang onto your credit card. This beautifully designed site helps you transform your prized shots into DVDs complete with music and special effects, design photo greeting cards and have Shutterfly mail them for you, and much more (see Part 4 of this book for more details on creating special photo projects).

Figure 6-11. Shutterfly focuses on a few basic functions, which makes working with it a breeze. Select photos by clicking the boxes below the pictures and a check box appears. Once they're selected, you can move, copy, or delete photos by clicking the options on the right side of the screen.

Between the main tabs and your photos are icons that change the view in the main part of the page. For example, you can see your albums, thumbnails of your photos, or details of a single photo. When you want to search for a photo, click the binoculars. The best view for organizing is the Pictures view, which shows you a collection of thumbnails.

When you're in the Pictures view, on the right side of your window, you'll see options such as "View as a slideshow" and "Enhance/fix pictures." Click "Organize pictures" and a list expands below, giving you a new set of options. Arranging pictures in a Shutterfly album

Unlike, say, EasyShare or Snapfish, Shutterfly doesn't let you drag and drop your photos to rearrange them within an album (when you're putting them in order for a slideshow, for example). Instead, you have to place a checkmark next to the photos first, just like when you're uploading them. Here's how the picture-moving process works:

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