Moving and Copying Photos

As Figure 5-2 illustrates, you can easily move photos from one folder to another by dragging and dropping. But what if you want to copy a photo, leaving a duplicate in the original folder? For example, say you want to separate out a selection of photos to post on a Web site, without disturbing your carefully organized folder arrangement. The trick is to Ctrl-drag: Select one or more photos or folders, press Ctrl, and hold the key down as you drag the photos to the destination folder. Your arrow cursor sports a small + icon to tell you that you're copying the selected photos.

Note: In general, when you drag files from one folder to another on the same hard drive, Windows moves the file. If you drag a file to a folder on a different drive (for example, from C:\photos to D:\new photos), Windows copies the file.

When you're moving or copying, the Explorer bar makes it easy to drag photos to any folder on your PC. But if you have several layers of subfolders and multiple drives on your computer, all that long-distance dragging can strain even the most nimble of wrists.

Windows lets you move and copy photos in these additional ways:

• Dragging between windows . If you find the Explorer bar too awkward, simply open the destination folder in a separate window. For example, right-click the folder's icon and choose Open from the shortcut menu. Position the windows side-by-side, and then drag (or Ctrl-drag) photos and folders between the two windows to your heart's content.

• Use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands . Select one or more photos or folders, and then choose Edit —► Cut (to move them) or Edit —> Copy (to copy them).

Select the destination folder, and then choose Edit —} Paste. You can also right-click and find these same commands on the shortcut menu.

Tip: If the destination folder is open, click anywhere in it before pasting.

• Use the Copy To (or Move To) Folder command . Select one or more photos or folders, and then choose Edit —* Copy To Folder or Edit —* Move To Folder. A small window opens, showing a hierarchical list of folders (just like the one in the Explorer bar). Navigate to the destination folder, and then click the Copy or Move button to seal the deal. This method is the quickest if the destination folder isn't readily visible in an open window or on your desktop.

Tip: If the task pane is showing, click "Move this file" or "Copy this file" to open the same Move Items or Copy Items box.

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