Internal Hard Drives

If your computer has two hard drives, it's good practice to keep a backup of your photos on each drive. A popular size these days is 200 GB, which holds about 40,000 photos (if you don't keep anything else on the drive).

Pro: You can simply drag and drop photos to copy them to your second drive, which jibes with the "best backup routine is the one you'll stick with" maxim. And the photos are equally easy to retrieve.

Con: Anything that happens to your PC can affect anything and everything inside it, so your second drive is in many ways no safer than your first. It's just a duplicate. For example, if your PC is stolen, you've lost both drives. A virus that infects your PC could spread to all internal drives. Also, internal drives are running any time your computer is on, so they get more wear and tear, which means they're more likely to go kaput.



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