In the tabs along the left side of the Easy Share window click Email

The Email Sharing Options window opens (Figure 15-1 ). If the window doesn't appear, click the Email Setup button at the top of the EasyShare window.

Figure 15-1. EasyShare's email-sharing preferences give you two options: Share Online Albums and "Email with Attachments." The initial setting, Share Online Albums, tells EasyShare to sends invitations to your email buddies, with links to your online albums. If you want to email your actual photos, select "Email with Attachments."

Kodak EasyShare software

Emiiil Sharing Options

C Share Online Alburn^ Recommended

Use as many pictures as you ¬°ike to share your story with no laige email attachments.

Your pictures will be added to your personal account at, and your friends wili receive an email invitation to view youi album online.

ft Email with Attachments

You can send youi friends an email with individual pictures attached. This option requires more download time for your recipient and can be affected by theii mailbox size limitations.

You can change this setting anytime by selecting the Email Setup button in the toolbar.

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