In the Organizer select the photos you want to put into a slideshow Then in the Shortcuts bar choose Share Email or press Ctrl ShiftE

Actually, you can even start by choosing just one photo, since you can add and remove photos in the Attach to E-Mail window as shown in Figure 17-4 .

Tip: If your photos are widely scattered throughout your catalog, it's usually faster to create a collection (Section 8.5 ) first and start from there. A collection is also a handy way to preselect the order in which your photos appear in the slideshow.

Figure 17-4. To change the order of your photos, just drag the thumbnails into the order in which you want them to appear. (Due to a bit of Elements quirkiness, this dragging doesn't always work perfectly. You may need to delete the photos and add them back in the order you want.) Use the green Add Photos button to find additional images, or highlight a photo and then click the red Remove button to get rid of it.

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