In the Name box type a name for the backup youre creating and then click Done when youre ready to start your backup

If you don't enter a name, Elements names the backup after the catalog you're backing up (My Catalog, for example), even if you're copying only one photo. If you're backing up to CDs or DVDs, as Elements burns each disc, it asks if you want to verify the disc to be sure it's okay. You do. Elements prompts you to feed it more discs if your backup doesn't all fit on one disc. Next time you're ready to backup, just choose Incremental Backup in step 3 and then, in step 6, choose the backup file you've previously created.

Tip: Always check your backup discs once you've burned them. Take a moment to put the disc in your computer and make sure that all your photos are there. If there was an error, then you want to know about it now, not six months from now when you may not have those photos still available someplace else.

Now that all your photos are safe and sound, you're probably ready to spiff them up. Skip ahead to Chapter 10 for an in-depth look at all the photo fixes you can make using Elements.



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