In the button bar click the Crop button at far left

In the panel at left, EasyShare helpfully displays step-by-step cropping instructions (Figure 9-2). A crop box superimposed on your picture shows you how the cropped photo will look. The darker area outside the box is destined for the digital trash.

Figure 9-2. EasyShare lists three steps to cropping your photo. First, choose a crop method: either a custom-sized crop that you create or one of the pre-sized crop boxes that match common print photo sizes (4 x 6 inches, for example). Next, resize or move the crop box. Finally, click Accept.

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I. Select a cioj: method.

Photo-size crop:

Select from the list to crop the image to a standard print size:

O Free form crop

2. Resize or move crop boit for desired effect.

3 Click Acceot.

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