Gem In The Rough The Other Red Eye Tool

Elements gives you a totally automatic Red Eye fix right in the Organizer. Just click once on your photo to select it, and then do one of the following:

• Right-click the thumbnail and choose " Auto Red Eye Fix" from the pop-up menu.

That's it. Elements automatically analyzes your photo to find red eyes, and fixes them without any additional input from you. You may be delighted with the end result, but you're about equally likely to find that Elements also blackened the white teeth in an open mouth or put out any bright streetlights.

In that case, just press Ctrl+Z to undo the fix and go on to the Editor's Quick Fix tool, which is almost as easy and much more accurate.

You can also apply the Auto Red Eye Fix in the Quick Fix window or the Standard Editor. In the Quick Fix window, look for the Auto button in the Red Eye area of the Control Panel. In the Editor, activate the Red Eye tool and click the Auto button in the Options bar.

The advantage to using the Auto Red Eye Fix tool in the Organizer, though, is that you save your corrected photo in a version seta collection of the same photo. If you don't like the correction, just right-click the Organizer thumbnail, and then choose Version Set —► Reveal Photos in Version Set, and delete the new version.


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