Fun Effects

Like Scene Effects, you apply Fun Effects with a single click. As the name implies, these effects don't make any claims about realism, but you'll find they're great for preparing photos for use on things like greeting cards, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and so on.

• Spotlight . This is a great effect for portraits, but you need to start with your model in the middle of the photo. Spotlight darkens the edges of the photo, focusing attention on a center point (Figure 13-1 ).

Figure 13-1. EasyShare's Spotlight effect darkens the edge of the photo and focuses light on the center. This dramatic vignette effect is reminiscent of old time photography. Unfortunately, EasyShare doesn't let you move the center of the vignette around on the image, so you may have to crop your photo before applying the effect to get the spotlight lined up just right.

• Coloring Book . True to its name, this effect changes your photo so it looks like a page from a coloring book: It outlines the edges of objects in the picture and removes the fill-in colors (Figure 13-2 ).

Figure 13-2. The Coloring Book effect works best on relatively simple photos with sharply defined edges where colors meet. If a photo's too complicated, the result of the Coloring effect may be confusing and hard to identify.

• Cartoon . Similar to the Coloring Book effect above, Cartoon outlines the objects in your picture, but fills it in with saturated color, the way a cartoonist would draw it. Cartoon works great on some photos, but not others, and the only way to find out is to experiment with different photos. But when you get the right photo, the Cartoon effect is a winner.

• Fisheye . This effect distorts the picture as if you're viewing it through an extremely wide-angle lens. Adding the Fisheye effect to a close-up of someone's face always gets a laugh. EasyShare doesn't let you adjust the size or angle of the distortion, so if you really get into distorting your friends' faces for fun (or revenge), you need to turn to Photoshop Elements filters (Section 13.3.1 ).

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