From the dropdown list choose a folder type Pictures or Photo Album

The choice you make here determines what view you'll see when you open the folder. Choose Pictures to make the folder open in Thumbnails view (just like My Pictures).

If you choose Photo Album, you get Filmstrip view, as shown in (Figure 5-4 ). This view displays a single large image, plus a filmstrip along the bottom to help you navigate through your photos.

Figure 5-3. What kind of folder do you want to create today?

You can make any folder photo-friendly by tweaking the settings in its Properties box (also available by opening the folder and choosing File —» Properties —+ Customize tab). This box's helpful descriptions explain each of your options.

Tip: No matter what view a folder opens in, you can always switch views on the fly by choosing from the window's View menu or clicking the Views toolbar button: Filmstrip, Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, and Details. (The Filmstrip option appears only for Picture and Photo Album Folders.)

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