Frequently Asked Question The Sharp Unsharp Mask

Why, oh why, is Unsharp Mask on the same menu with the sharpening tools? It sounds exactly like what I don't want to do to my photos .

To be fair, it's not Adobe's fault: Unsharp mask is an old photographer's term. Elements' Unsharp Mask is a digital replication of an ingenious darkroom technique. To sharpen film prints, photographers would create a blurred negative, and then lay it over the original negative. When light passed through the layered negatives onto photo paper, the images combined to create a single image with more clearly defined lines and edges.

Thus, placing an unsharp mask over the original image actually creates a sharper image.

Behind the scenes, Elements' Unsharp Mask feature does the very same thingdigitally. It creates a slightly blurred image of your photo and then compares that image to the original. The extra information generated by comparing two slightly different images helps Elements calculate where the lines and edges in your photo should fall. This technique sharpens photos better and more realistically, so stop worrying about the name and just use it.

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