Figure 169 An Elements contact sheet The Columns menu in the Select a Layout section circled lets you decide how many columns appear on your contact sheet

To print a contact sheet, first select the photos in the Organizer, and then open the Print Selected Photos dialog box (Ctrl+P). Under "Select Type of Print," choose Contact Sheet from the drop-down menu. Your options immediately change to show "Select a Layout," and you can use the following settings to customize your contact sheet:

• Columns . Here's where you decide how many vertical rows of photos to have on a page. Choose up to nine columns per page. The more columns you have, the smaller your thumbnails are. Even if you have only one image currently chosen, increasing the number of columns shrinks the thumbnail size.

• Add a Text Label . If you want a caption on each image, you can choose the Date, Caption (any text in the image's caption field), and/or Filename here.

• Page Numbers . You can add page numbers if you're printing multiple pages. If all your photos fit on one page, this choice is grayed out.

You can add and remove images as explained earlier. When you like your layout, click Print.

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