Easy Shares Backup Tools

If your computer has a CD or DVD burner, EasyShare gives you the tools to burn your photos to discs. Again, the best time to back up is as soon as you download photos to your PC and get them into EasyShare albums (Section 6.4.1).

Note: EasyShare doesn't make it particularly easy to back up your photos to a hard drive. Here's the short version: In the My Collection tab, select the pictures you want to back up and then choose File'—^ Open in Explorer. A Windows Explorer folder opens up, at which point you can manually copy your photos to any drive you want, just as though you were copying any other type of file.

Backing up your photos is simply a matter of selecting the photos and burning them to a DVD or CD. In EasyShare's My Collection tab, you see three work areas in the program window: a list of folders on the left, thumbnails of your photos in the main window in the middle, and your task pane on the right. With that screen in front of you, you're ready to back up:

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