Different Views After vs Before and After

When you open an image in Quick Fix, your picture first appears by itself in the main window with the word After above it. Elements keeps the Before versionyour original phototucked away, out of sight. But you can pick from three other different layouts, which you can choose at any time: Before Only, Before and After (Portrait), and Before and After (Landscape). The Before and After views are especially helpful when you're trying to figure out if you're improving your pictureor notas shown in Figure 11-3 . Switch between views by picking the one you want from the pop-up menu just below your image.

Note: Quick Fix limits the amount of screen space available for your image. If you want a larger view while you work, then click over to Standard Edit. In fact, whenever you're in Quick Fix mode, you can always switch back to the Standard Editor at any point if you want tools or filters not available in Quick Fix. See the next chapter for more details.

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