Creating a new label

Labels are more flexible than folders in that you can give the same photo more than one label. Say you want to organize your dog photos by both breed and American Kennel Club group. Attach a Basset label to all your Basset Hound photos, and all the Basset pictures appear in a Basset folder in the Labels collection. Then attach a second labelHoundsto your Basset pictures, and they appear in the Hounds label folder, too (along with the Bloodhounds, Afghans, and Foxhounds). All the while, the original Basset photos remain tucked away in that original Dogs folder.

The thumbnails in the Basset and Hounds label folders all point to the original photo files in Dogs. When you choose a photo in one of your label folders to print or email, Picasa hunts down the original photo to do the job. Since you're not making extra copies of the photos on your hard drive, there's no real limit to the number of labels you can create.

Take these steps to create a new label and place a photo in the label folder:

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